marketing-and-networking-university-logoThe clunkily named Marketing and Networking University bills itself as “the number one educational site for online success”.

Launched a couple of weeks ago, the company lists Beau Buckley, Steve Lawson, Fred Mandl and Aron Prins as co-founders on its website.

Beau Buckley’s Facebook profile contains promotional material for ViewTrakr:


ViewTrakr is a video-sharing opportunity that focuses on affiliate recruitment. Launched earlier this year, ViewTrakr appears to have gone into decline shortly after launch.

Alongside ViewTrakr, 2014 saw Buckley also promoting M&G Home Business:


M&G Home Business sees affiliates pay $49.95 a month to join and then receive commissions for recruiting new affiliates.

In addition to also being involved in ViewTrakr, Steve Lawson was recently promoting the MLM social network Tsu.


Prior to that Lawson was involved in the Internet Lifestyle Network (recruitment-focused feeder for Global Resorts Network), Visalus, DS Domination, Xplocial and Empower Network.

Fred Mandl was promoting Staged on YouTube a few months ago (a platform the “hijacks” video content and plasters it with ads).


In addition to Staged Mandl has been involved in ViewTrakr, Internet Lifestyle Network and Empower Network. Two marketing videos targeting Herbalife affiliates also appear on Mandl’s YouTube channel.

aron-prins-cofounder-marketing-and-networking-universityEarlier this year Aron Prins (right) launched IM Suite ($497 WordPress plugin library).

Launched around May 2014, today the IM Suite website advertises that it has 29 registered users. Prins is/was also an Empower Network affiliate.

It’s obviously no co-incidence that Marketing and Networking University’s four founders have been in a lot of the same MLM companies. After finding limited success, it appears they’ve gotten together and decided the best approach going forward is to launch their own opportunity together.

Two corporate addresses appear on the Marketing and Networking University website, one in Australia and one in the UK. This would appear to correspond with where three of the four co-founders are located.

Read on for a full review of the Marketing and Networking University MLM business opportunity.

The Marketing and Networking University Product Line

The Marketing and Networking University has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself ($64.95 and $49.99 a month).

Bundled with Marketing and Networking University affiliate membership is access to a series of internet marketing tools and training.

The Marketing and Networking University Compensation Plan

The Marketing and Networking University compensation plan pays affiliates to recruit new affiliates into the company.

A direct commission is offered on the recruitment of a new affiliate, with a residual monthly commission paid out via a 3×7 matrix.

Recruitment Commissions

Marketing and Networking University affiliates are paid $50 per new affiliate they recruit.

Matrix Commissions

Residual commissions in Marketing and Network University are paid out via a 3×7 matrix compensation structure.

A 3×7 matrix structure places affiliates at the top of a 3×7 matrix, with three positions directly under them (level 1):


These three positions in turn branch out into another three positions (level 2), and so on and so forth down a total of seven levels.

Positions in the matrix are filled via the direct or indirect recruitment of affiliates, with commissions paid based on what level a filled position resides on the matrix:

  • level 1 – $8 per filled position
  • level 2 – $4 per filled position
  • level 3 – $3 per filled position
  • levels 4 and 5 – $4 per filled position
  • level 6 – $5 per filled position
  • level 7 – $6 per filled position

Joining Marketing and Networking University

Affiliate membership with Marketing and Networking University is $64.95 upfront and then $49.99 a month thereafter.

The Marketing and Networking University website mentions $139.95 a month “business upgrade” option, however it was not available at the time of publication.

Presumably “business upgrade” affiliates will earn more via the company’s compensation plan once the option is released.


Let’s start with the obvious, Marketing and Networking University is a mishmash of opportunities the four co-founders have been involved with as affiliates over the years.

The blogging platform is likely to be a simple multi-user install of WordPress on the Marketing and Networking University domain. This pretty much what Empower Network launched with, complete with promises of SEO dominance (that never eventuated).

WordPress is free, and paying someone $49.99 a month to blog on their domain with a free blogging platform is just as ridiculous today as it was when Empower Network was doing it back in the day (and soon will be once again).

The social network? Tsu.

The “lecture hall”? Training from the co-founders and affiliates who signed up early.

And that’s pretty much it. Even the comp plan is basically a rehash of M&G Home Business ($49.95 upfront recruitment commission with residual matrix commissions).

Not that M&G Home Business are the first to come up with this model (far from it), but it’s obvious enough where the various inspirations behind Marketing and Networking University originated from.

As to the compensation plan, you’re basically looking at cash gifting on the front-end and a recruitment-driven pyramid scheme back-end.

When a new affiliate joins Marketing and Networking University they pay 100% of their affiliate fee to the affiliate who recruited them.

Taken from the Marketing and Networking University compensation plan:

When you refer someone to become a student at MNU (Ozedit: recruit an affiliate), you will receive 100% commission on the $50 joining fee.

The $14.95 is gravy for the co-founders.

Then as long as recruits pay $49.99 a month, that money is distributed out via the matrix. Of course those who joined and got to recruiting early receive the most benefit (they’ll have the largest matrices), as with any pyramid scheme.

M.N.U have incorporated a 3×7 forced matrix into their affiliate program.

You will earn monthly residual from the $49.99 monthly fee from those within your matrix.

At no point are products and services being marketed and sold to retail customers.

100% of the revenue generated by Marketing and Networking University is derived from affiliates and paid out according to their personal recruiting efforts and that of their up and downlines.

Once recruitment slows down, those at the bottom of the matrices will stop paying their $49.99 a month fees. This means those above them stop getting paid and, if they cna’t find anyone new to recruit, they too will stop paying their monthly fees.

This effect slowly trickles up the company-wide matrix until an irreversible collapse is triggered.

No doubt Beau Buckley, Steve Lawson, Fred Mandl and Aron Prins have grown tired of hopping from opportunity to opportunity and seeing nobody but the company owner’s and their “got in early” buddies make any money.

Now they’ve decided they want a slice of the ownership pie and so you have the launch of Marketing and Networking University.

What happens next is up to you.