im-suite-logoIM Suite launched a month or so ago and is owned and operated by Aron Prins.

A message at the bottom of the IM Suite webpage informs visitors that IM Suite is ‘an iHeartIM product’, with iHeartIM appearing to be a parent company of Prins’:


I wasn’t able to tie Prins to any MLM opportunities on the affiliate side of things, but he does appear to have some experience launching opportunities of his own. Most of these opportunities revolve around internet marketing.

Prins refers to his Badass Network as a “cult”, and it appears to be some sort of WordPress blog platform. Prins’ video was shot late last year, however today the BadAss Network URL redirects to iHeartIM, indicating it appears to have been since abandoned (or re-branded).

I’m not sure what happened there or how, if at all, IM Suite fits into any of that, but Prins appears to have dropped the references to Empower Network in his marketing efforts. Well, perhaps not all of them. He uploaded something about an “Empower Responder” to his YouTube channel only a few weeks ago.

Read on for a full review of the IM Suite MLM business opportunity.

The IM Suite Product Line

The IM Suite product line is a landing page, auto-responder, auto-content generator and webshop system for WordPress.

One would assume “system” refers to plugins, which appear to be developed under the IM Suite brand itself.

IM Suite retails for $497.

The IM Suite Compensation Plan

The IM Suite compensation plan revolves around the sale of IM Suite, paying out down three levels.

This is tracked via a unilevel compensation structure, which places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team. Every personally recruited affiliate is placed directly under them (level 1), with any affiliates recruited by level 1 affiliates placed on level 2 of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.


If any level 2 affiliates go on to recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3. Theoretically unilevel teams are of unlimited depth, but in their compensation plan IM Suite have capped commission payments down three levels.

Commissions are paid on the sale of IM Suites, with how much of a commission made being determined by what unilevel level the sale was made on:

  • Level 1 (direct sales) – 30% ($149)
  • Level 2 – 20% ($99)
  • Level 3 – 15% ($74)

Note that the exact percentages are not whole numbers, but as per their compensation plan material IM Suite round down.

Joining IM Suite

Affiliate membership to IM Suite is free.


Although affiliate membership to IM Suite is free, it does appear to be separate from their product offering. This does not mean the danger of IM Suite being a defacto recruitment scheme doesn’t exist, only that true retail is a possibility within the opportunity.

As far as the product line goes, I think $497 for some WordPress plugins is a bit rich. Granted you also get access to a multi-user WordPress install, but given that WordPress is free, that’s neither here nor there.

Otherwise IM Suite’s offering appears to be your standard internet marketing tools suite bundled with WordPress. I did think the inclusion of an “auto-content generator” was a bit spammy though. Typically these tools either scrape (steal) content from other sites, or spin content in an attempt to pass it off as original.

Prins does offer training videos with the IM Suite purchase, and one would hope the inclusion of an auto-content generator isn’t reflective of what he’s teaching purchasers of the product.

As a prospective IM Suite affiliate, I’d be checking with your potential upline as to the amount of retail customers they have versus recruited affiliates. A pyramid scheme might be evident if nobody is buying IM Suite without the attached affiliate income opportunity.

This line in particular on IM Suite’s compensation plan caught my attention:

The multi-tier affiliate tracking system is a great way of encouraging your team to recruit new affiliates and to reward them for their effort.

I’m not convinced there’s a retail market for $497 in WordPress plugins (you can buy entire┬átheme suites for less than that), but that doesn’t mean it can be ruled out entirely.

Approach with caution.