JokerX fails to provide ownership or executive information on its website.

In fact, as I write this, all you can do on JokerX’s website is sign up or log in as an affiliate. The rest of the site is disabled.

Over on FaceBook we find Michael Sander referring to JokerX as his “own company”.

Back in the day Sander (aka Michi Sander), ran the pro-scam publication Obtainer Online.

BehindMLM first came across Sander (right) after Obtainer Online ran a puff-piece on ViziNova scammer Renato Rodriguez.

Prior to Vizinova’s launch in 2014, BehindMLM had been closely following Rodriguez’s participation in WCM777.

Both Vizinova and WCM777 were MLM Ponzi schemes.

ViziNova saw Sander migrate from just supporting scams in Obtainer Online, to assisting Rodriguez launch Vizinova.

Sander (right) signed on as Vizinova’s “Chief Consultant”.

ViziNova has engaged OBTAINER’s founder Michael Sander, who as chief consultant has developed the company structure and the set-ups.

In April 2014 Sander described Vizinova as

 a business concept that is coherent, transparent and profitable.

ViziNova isn’t a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid system because from the very outset Renato Rodriguez and Gutemberg dos Santos are demonstrating transparency.

As Vizinova began to collapse in early 2015, Sander distanced himself from the Ponzi scheme.

In March 2017 the SEC revealed it had charged Renato Rodriguez and Gutemberg Dos Santos with fraud, alleging Vizinova to be a $5 million dollar Ponzi scheme.

Rodriguez and Gutemberg settled the SEC’s charges.

They would continue to defraud consumers through AirBit Club, leading to their respective arrests and indictments in 2020.

Earlier this year Rodriguez was sentenced to twelve years in prison. Dos Santos received just over three years.

Another Ponzi scheme Sander supported through Obtainer Online was Bonofa.

Bonofa’s owners were arrested in Germany in May 2016. A month later what was left of the Ponzi scheme was fed into OneCoin.

BehindMLM last came across Sander through Baccarat Staking in 2021.

Baccarat Staking was a gambling themed Ponzi scheme that collapsed in March 2022. A Baccarat Academy reboot was announced but doesn’t appear to have gone anywhere.

After his gambling Ponzi schemes Sander resurrected Big Boy Cash, an alias he created in or around 2017.

In May 2022, a few months after Baccarat Staking collapsed, Sander paid Snoop Dogg an appearance fee and put out a music video.

I know art is subjective but I think we can all agree “Billionaire Cash” is truly awful.

Sander resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, from which is various schemes are operated from.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

JokerX’s Products

JokerX has no retailable products or services.

Affiliates are only able to market JokerX affiliate membership itself.

Once signed up, JokerX affiliates purchase NFTs to participate in the attached MLM opportunity.

There are multiple NFT tiers within JokerX, increasing in price across each tier.

  • Joker – $5
  • 10 of Spades – $25
  • Jack of Spades – $100
  • Queen of Spades – $1000
  • King of Spades – $10,000
  • Ace of Spades – $100,000

Note that NFT tiers must be purchased in sequential order (lowest to highest price).

JokerX’s Compensation Plan

JokerX’s compensation plan is driven by NFT sales to recruited affiliates.

JokerX Affiliate Ranks

There are six affiliate ranks within JokerX’s compensation plan.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, they are as follows:

  1. Gallery Guardian – qualify for the Big Boy Cash Pool and recruit two affiliates who have also qualified
  2. Network Navigator – recruit five affiliates who have qualified for the Big Boy Cash Pool
  3. Tech Trailblazer – recruit eight affiliates who have qualified for the Big Boy Cash Pool
  4. Luxury Luminary – qualify for the Fortune Rise Pool and recruit three affiliates who have also qualified
  5. Elegance Elite – recruit ten affiliates who have qualified for the Fortune Rise Pool
  6. Visionary Vanguard – recruit twenty-five affiliates who have qualified for the Fortune Rise Pool

For information on JokerX’s bonus pools see “Bonus Pools” below.

Referral Commissions

JokerX affiliates earn a 10% commission on sales to personally recruited affiliates.

Matching Bonus

When a JokerX affiliate earns their first referral commission, the affiliate who recruited them earns a 100% match on the commission.

Residual Commissions

JokerX pays a 5% commission on sales made by personally recruited affiliates.

Although not explicitly clarified, I believe this stacks with the Matching Bonus.

Bonus Pools

JokerX takes 6% of company-wide revenue and places it into three smaller bonus pools.

Along with their respective qualification criteria, these pools are as follows:

  • Michi Sander Pool (2.5%) – one share per nine NFTs sold (sold NFTs must be CAT 3 or higher)
  • Big Boy Cash Pool (2.5%) – qualify for one share by selling twenty-five NFTs and recruiting ten affiliates who qualify for the Michi Sander Pool (sold NFTs must be CAT 4 or higher)
  • Fortune Rise Pool (1%) – qualify for one share by selling fifty NFTs and recruiting twenty-five affiliates who qualify for the Big Boy Cash Pool (sold NFTs must be CAT 4 or higher)

Rank Achievement Bonus

JokerX rewards affiliates who qualify at Gallery Guardian and higher with the following one-time Rank Achievement Bonuses:

  • qualify at Gallery Guardian and receive $1000
  • qualify at Network Navigator and receive $2000
  • qualify at Tech Trailblazer and receive $5000
  • qualify at Luxury Luminary and receive $15,000
  • qualify at Elegance Elite and receive $35,000
  • qualify at Visionary Vanguard and receive $100,000

Joining JokerX

JokerX affiliate membership is free.

Full participation is attached to the purchase of at least one NFT.

Seeing as JokerX NFTs must be purchased sequentially, this pegs JokerX affiliate membership between $5 and $111,130.

JokerX Conclusion

JokerX is a quick cash-grab for Michael Sander.

The NFT hyper train has long come and gone, with the niche in general dying in early 2023. It’s not unreasonable to state the entire NFT “industry” has pretty much collapsed.

To that end the NFTs within JokerX don’t really matter. They’re just a vehicle to fund commissions, paid out through a simple pyramid scheme.

You sign up, pay a fee, some of which goes to Sander and whoever recruited you, and that fee qualifies you to earn on those you recruit who do the same.

When recruitment stops so too do commissions, leading to JokerX’s inevitable collapse.

Math guarantees that when a pyramid scheme collapses, the majority of participants lose money.


Update 14th February 2024 – BehindMLM reader Melanie sent in JokerX’s compensation plan.

I’ve added in NFT pricing and JokerX affiliate rank qualification criteria from the document.

The other thing to note is JokerX operates in MCX, which appears to be an inhouse shit token.

As with all MLM shit tokens, MCX is worthless outside of JokerX itself.