excelerated-leverage-logoThere is no information on the Excelerated Leverage website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Excelerated Leverage website domain (“exceleratedleverage.com”) was registered on the 18th of February 2015, however the domain registration is set to private.

Further research reveals an individual going by the name of “Lance” on social media, who claims to be the admin of Excelerate Leverage.

This individual links to an official Excelerated Leverage Facebook group, with eleven individuals listed as admins.

One of those admins is “Lance Locke”, who appears to be the owner/admin of the company.

In his efforts to market Excelerated Leverage, Locke shares some other opportunities he’s been involved in:

I was also a member of JustBeenPaid and Wealth4All. I made incredible money in both. Since you are already familiar with the W4All business model, you already know how  incredible it is.

I’ve adopted the same business model, but with out all of the mistakes that they made.

JustBeenPaid was a Ponzi scheme that’s gone by a few names. Everytime funds ran out to pay new investors with they simply changed the name of the scheme.

The JustBeenPaid iteration of the scam was prolific in 2010. It collapsed in early 2011 and was renamed JSS Tripler.

The scheme is still kicking around today under the name Ad Click Xpress, offering investors a 4% daily ROI on investments.

Wealth4All refers to Wealth4AllTeam, a Ponzi scheme launched in mid-2012. Wealth4AllTeam collapsed shortly after launch, with it also being relaunched under a number of different names (Primus Hub, Wealth4AllTeam v2, AdRevWorld and Crowd4x).

Like the original, none of the Wealth4AllTeam reboot schemes lasted very long.

lance-locke-admin-excelerated-leverageAccording to Lance Locke (right), it is these two schemes that Excelerated Leverage is modeled on.

Other schemes promoted on Locke’s Facebook profile include Achieve Community ($3.8 million dollar Ponzi scheme shut down by the SEC earlier this year), MyFunLife (travel recruitment scheme), Race Cycler (matrix cycler Ponzi scheme) and uFun Club (uToken Ponzi points scheme).

I’ve lost plenty of money in passive programs and I know for a fact that many of you have also. Well my friend…..those days are over!

Likely having lost money in most of the above ventures, Locke has now launched Excelerated Leverage.

Read on for a full review of the Excelerated Leverage MLM business opportunity.

The Excelerated Leverage Product Line

Excelerated Leverage has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership with the company itself.

The Excelerated Leverage Compensation Plan

The Excelerated Leverage compensation plan sees affiliates fed into two third-party opportunities, before being able to purchase revenue-sharing positions.

As per the Excelerated Leverage FAQ:

Can I participate in Phase 3 of ExceleratedLeverage without joining the Team Builds?

No, Participation in the Team Builds are absolutely mandatory to become an activated member of ExceleratedLeverage.

Excelerated Leverage refer to their two feeder opportunities as Phase 1 and 2, with Locke revealing on social media that Four Corners Alliance Group and DirectPayBiz are Phase 1 and 2 respectively.

Four Corners Alliance Group is a recruitment-driven matrix scheme that costs $555 all up. DirectPayBiz is described by Locke as being a “member to member program” (cash gifting).

The basic gist is that Excelerated Leverage affiliates join both schemes under Lance Locke’s affiliate account, after which they are then able to purchase revenue-sharing positions in Excelerated Leverage itself.

There are five revenue-share positions available, with the more invested resulting in a higher ROI.

  • Lincolns ($9) – $1.53 every 9 days for 12 ROI payments ($18.36 after 108 days)
  • Hamiltons ($18) – $3.06 every 9 days for 12 ROI payments ($36.72 after 108 days)
  • Jacksons ($36) – $6.12 every 9 days for 12 ROI payments ($73.44 after 108 days)
  • Grants ($72) – $12.24 every 9 days for 12 ROI payments ($146.88 after 108 days)
  • Benjamins ($108) – $18.36 every 9 days for 12 ROI payments ($220.32 after 108 days)

In addition to affiliate investment funding ROI payouts, Locke claims that 80% of revenue generated via commissions in Wealth4AllTeam and DirectPayBiz are also used.

Note that 50% of all ROI payments must be reinvested back into additional revenue-sharing positions.

Referral commissions are also available, paying out a flat 7% commission when a personally recruited affiliate invests in an Excelerated Leverage revenue-sharing position.

Joining Excelerated Leverage

Affiliate membership with Excelerated Leverage is free, however affiliates must first join Four Corners Alliance Group and DirectPayBiz before they can participate in Excelerated Leverage’s income opportunity.

Thus the absolute minimum cost of joining Excelerated Leverage is $10 (Four Corners Alliance Group) plus $9 (DirectPayBiz) plus $9 (one Lincolns revenue-sharing position), for a total of $28.


If you’re in the home based business industry and someone that inquires about your opportunity ask you if it’s a scam, before they even take a look at it, do not waste your time with that person.

That simple statement alone, tells you right away that that person doesn’t have the correct mindset.

-Lance Locke, Excelerated Leverage admin

Whereas in your typical revenue-sharing scheme your primary concern is new investment funds running out and collapsing the scheme, in Excelerated Leverage two additional schemes are added to the mix.

Both Four Corners Alliance Group and DirectPayBiz are scams in their own right, relying on constant recruitment of new affiliates to pay out commissions.

If either of those collapses or stalls, that’s going to leave a hole in Excelerated Leverage. Nevermind the inevitable slowdown in new investment in Excelerated Leverage’s own revenue-sharing positions, which will ultimately see the scheme stall anyway.

Essentially Lance Locke triple dips on affiliates, milking them once through Four Corners Alliance Group, again in DirectPayBiz and again via Excelerated Leverage revenue-sharing positions.

And with ROI payouts on a timed schedule, he’s playing a dangerous game indeed.

No matter how many external schemes are attached to Excelerated Leverage, with ROI payouts topping out at 204% every 108 days, sooner or later funds are going to run out.

Assuming neither Four Corners Alliance Group or DirectPayBiz collapses, whatever funds trickle in from these schemes will put off the collapse, but it’s still mathematically guaranteed to happen.

So what’s the gameplan?

Well, Locke loads himself up with revenue-sharing positions and collects commissions from his feeder downlines in Four Corners Alliance Group and DirectPayBiz.

When funds run out or they’re clearly just about to, he does a runner.

If you’ve got the “correct mindset” Locke is looking for to make that happen (and lose your money in the process), sign up with Excelerated Leverage today!