achieve-community-logoThe Achieve Community launched earlier in July 2014 and are based out of the US state of Michigan.

troy-barnes-kristi-johnson-owners-the-achieve-communityListed as co-founders of Achieve Community on their website are Troy Barnes and Kristi Johnson (right).

On his Facebook profile, Barnes credits himself as a “Bronze” in Skinny Body Care (weight loss). Prior to that Barnes was marketing Empower Network (2-up cash gifting).

This was around 2011, with Barnes more recently (late 2013) promoting Tan Banners (4 tier 2-up recruitment scheme).

Kristi Johnson meanwhile, prior to the launch of the Achieve Community, was involved in Quanta ($25-$495 cash gifting).

was involved in something called “We The People Downline Club” mid last year.

It appears to be a downline builder for various recruitment driven schemes.


As above, the promotional material I saw featuring Kristi Johnson’s name boasted of the creation of 600 affiliates in an Xplocial downline ($29-$100 cash gifting).

Earlier in the year Johnson used We The People Downline Club to push “Pro Matrix Plus”, a $25 matrix-cycler pyramid scheme.

We the People Downline Club is joining Pro Matrix Plus as a group right now.

Join the downline for free and then Pro Matrix Plus for a one time fee of $25.00 and no monthly costs! You will need a Secure Trust Pay account and the fees for that and using it to fund your Pro Matrix Plus membership are usually about $6.00, so your total cost to join up are $31.00.

That’s all you ever pay and the payouts for Pro Matrix Plus grow from $25.00 for your first cycle all the way to one million dollars! You can stay in Pro Matrix Plus forever for that one fee, and continue to cycle.

Then We the People Downline Club builds your downline for you with everyone else in the group, moving you through Pro Matrix Plus. It is a 2×2 matrix, so once you have your two people and they have their two your matrix is full and you cycle.

Going back even further, Johnson was involved with Level 9 App ($7.95 a month + $2 qualifier to earn recruitment commissions).

In going through both Barnes and Johnson’s MLM histories, I definitely was feeling the “shiny new thing” vibe.

Now, with the launch of Achieve Community, it seems both Barnes and Johnson have decided to run their own company instead of joining countless others.

Read on for a full review of the Achieve Community MLM business opportunity.

The Achieve Community Product Line

The Achieve Community has no retailable products or services.

Affiliates join by purchasing $50 cycler queue positions. Bundled with these queue positions is access to an e-book library:

We will have a library of products and training for you with new products every month.

The Achieve Community Compensation Plan

The Achieve Community Compensation Plan operates as a straight line cycler. Whereas your typical cycler operates on a single level however (one commission), the Achieve Community cycler uses a three-tier commission structure.

After an affiliate purchases a $50 position in the cycler queue, after fifteen subsequent positions are purchased they are paid $100 (tier 1).

After 260 subsequent positions have been purchased (relative to the original position), another $100 is paid out (tier 2).

Another 255 subsequent positions and $200 is paid out (tier 3).

At this point an affiliate must purchase additional cycler queue positions if they wish to continue with the Achieve Community income opportunity.

Joining The Achieve Community

Affiliate membership with the Achieve community requires the purchase of at least one cycler queue position ($50).


The Achieve Community is the only place, not only on the internet but in the world, where you can take a $50 bill and make as much money as you want.

No effort, no recruiting… none of that. No building downlines, you don’t have to do anything here.

-Troy Barnes, an Achieve Community marketing video

E-book libraries… straight-line cycler compensation… it’s not easy to see how Troy Barnes and Kristi Johnson’s MLM histories have influenced the Achieve Community.

At its simplest, you’re looking at a $50 buy-in pyramid scheme.


The Achieve Community affiliates purchase a position in the cycler queue and then via the collective recruiting efforts of affiliates in the company get paid when enough subsequent positions have been purchased.

The charade of products being purchased falls apart when one considers that multiple positions can be purchased by affiliates. Marketing videos on the Achieve Community website recommend affiliates purchase bulk lots of up to 16 positions at a time.

Make no mistake, affiliates are purchasing positions in a straight-line cycler queue, with any products or services bundled simply an attempt at pseudo-compliance.

That’s not going to fool any regulators that take a look at the Achieve Community and it shouldn’t fool you either.


As with all pyramid schemes, once the recruitment of new affiliates slows down those with existing positions in the queue will find it impossible to cycle out. This kills off re-investment in positions by existing affiliates, which only adds to the problem.

Unique to straight-line cyclers is also the fact that over time more and more positions are added to the queue, resulting in longer and longer cycle times. This is a natural mechanic inherent to straight-line cyclers which causes them to collapse faster than a regular pyramid scheme.

Eventually what happens is the entire queue grinds to a halt and whatever money is then trapped in uncycled positions is there for the admins to make off with.

Dead cycler queues don’t pay out commissions.