Typically when a Ponzi or pyramid scheme launches in the MLM industry, management or those behind the scheme attempt to justify the scheme via misdirection and flawed logic.

To achieve this all manner of tactics are deployed. Some profess the legitimacy of their schemes behind ad packs they bundle with the admission price into their schemes, some do indeed sell products but only do so to members participating in the scheme, whilst others insist that by removing guarantees of ROI payouts that they are legit.

There are far too many tactics used to list here but despite the arsenal of trickery Ponzi and pyramid scheme admins have at their disposal, they all have one fatal weakness.

Follow the money, and time and time again these schemes are revealed for what they really are.

One such scheme, Wealth4AllTeam was launched in 2010 and upon initial review was deemed to be an effective 10 day ROI scheme, with members investing in “training & advertising packages”, otherwise known as TAPs.

Members invested in TAPs and after 10 days received a ROI, funded by new investments made during that 10 day period.

Accounting for forced reinvestment and the multiple levels that existed within these TAPs, the Wealth4AllTeam scheme effectively paid out 193%-250% ROIs over 60 or 120 days (depending on how much was invested).


Not surprisingly, the Wealth4AllTeam Ponzi scheme crashed around August 2012. Shortly after the collapse, those that had invested in the scheme were then told by Wealth4AllTeam CEO Danny Cianciulli (photo right) that the company was going to relaunch itself as Primus Social.

Analysis of Primus Social revealed that it was a blatant pyramid scheme. Primus Hub members paid $12.95 a month to participate in the scheme and were paid based on how many paid members they had recruited (and those their down and uplines had recruited) each month.

Primus Social was launched under the brand “Primus Hub” and was supposed to be the foundation of a series of “Primus” branded opportunities, including advertising (Primus Marketing), penny auctions (Primus Auction) and a shopping portal (Primus Mall).

Not surprisingly, despite being announced almost half a year ago,  none of these additional components of Primus Hub have launched. That of course hasn’t stopped Cianciulli from forging ahead with a new business opportunity.

Formally announced just days ago, in an email sent out to former Wealth4AllTeam members, management welcomed them ‘to the Wealth4All High Yield Investment Program‘.

The email goes on to describe this new “investment program” as being

a total passive investment only program there are no requirements to earn except make a deposit and let it work for you.

The W4A H.Y.I.P. will allow you to deposit $10 to $10,000, and allow you to earn 1.6% per day of which 50% is compounded daily.

Each day your earnings will be split between reinvestment & cash
that can be withdrawn.

There will be some type of commissions plan to reward those of you that choose to help the program grow by bringing in new depositors.

Hmm, that sounds an awful lot like a Pon… but wait, surely it couldn’t be. Alright guys, so where are the commissions going to come from?

Money for payouts will come from new deposits into the W4A investment program.

Oh dear.

The email does mention ‘company sales of advertising tools and other sources of cash flow’ as additional revenue generators but… well, rememeber those “tactics” I touched on at the start of this article?

The simple fact of the matter is that if the original Wealth4AllTeam Ponzi scheme was doing anything but pay out ROIs with newly invested money, they wouldn’t have collapsed due to ROI liabilities exceeding new investments coming into the company.

Company sales of advertising tools and “other sources of cash flow”? Yeah, good one guys.

Putting two and two together, it appears that after the two year or so run the original Wealth4AllTeam Ponzi scheme had, Cianciulli has learnt that pyramid schemes are a bit of a different story (especially when you launch one on the back of a failed Ponzi scheme).

So what do you do with the money you took from your original failed Ponzi scheme and whatever you’ve made running a new pyramid scheme for a few short months?

Why, startup yet another Ponzi scheme of course and hope for the best.

This time…


Footnote: The original email sent out to Wealth4AllTeam members can be viewed in its entirety below:

Welcome to the Wealth4All High Yield Investment Program!!!!

If you were a member of W4A before, you can forget all you knew about our previous program. As Monty Python would say, “Now for something completely different.”

A total passive investment only program there are no requirements to earn except make a deposit and let it work for you. However, you must be a member of the W4A Private Marketing Association, and you must have paid the annual fee right now set at $14.95.

The W4A H.Y.I.P. will allow you to deposit $10 to $10,000, and allow you to earn 1.6% per day of which 50% is compounded daily.

Each day your earnings will be split between reinvestment & cash that can be withdrawn. So, once you have earned 50% on your original deposit then you will be required to make a new deposit to continue earning money. You will be limited to withdrawals of $500/week initially.

There will be some type of commissions plan to reward those of you that choose to help the program grow by bringing in new depositors but the exact format of that plan has not been determined.

It may be single level or dual level commission payout program.

One example might be 1st level 5%, 2nd level 2 1/2% but that is NOT THE PLAN JUST AN EXAMPLE.

Money for payouts will come from new deposits into the W4A investment program, as well as from company sales of advertising tools and other sources of cash flow.

There will be no withdrawals from the W4A I-PAYOUT account until further notice.

Mark your calendars if you have not met AU’s qualifications by Jan 31st, your account will be closed.

Qualifications are either a member of PRIMUS HUB matrix, or you have made a deposit into the new W4A program. Additionally, you need to pay the W4A PMA annual fee, and sign the W4A PMA agreement.

There will be a limited Q and A after Saturday’s Conference Call. The W4A Opportunity Call Presentation for the new W4A program will begin at 4PM EST followed by a 30-40 min Q & A session.

Next week we will meet on Wednesday at 9PM EST and Saturday at 4PM EST.

Thanks for attending the call live and re-listening to the call. All the details are not finalized right now….. Stay tuned and don’t forget to join us on Saturday.

Please invite your friends before they invite you.

On Your Team!

The Wealth4AllManagement