Launched in 2010, Wealth4AllTeam was an investment opportunity that offered members 193%-250% ROIs over 60 or 120 days (depending on how much was invested).

With no retail arm and ROIs paid out to members solely from new investment money coming in from members, in late August/early October the Wealth4AllTeam Ponzi scheme finally collapsed.

Rather than just cut and run with everyone’s money though when the scheme collapsed, Danny Cianciulli (photo right) and the rest of Wealth4AllTeam’s management announced a new venture in the works, “Primus Hub”.

Proportionate withdrawals were offered to members (around 10% of their claimed earnings), but these were soon stopped.

Upon announcing their new venture and with many Wealth4AllTeam affiliates still having thousands of dollars tied up in the collapsed Wealth4AllTeam investment scheme, management immediately began to offer $25 “shares” in their new venture to existing Wealth4AllTeam members.

Each share was supposed to pay out a dividend pegged to the success of their new venture, Primus Hub, however management stated that nothing would be paid out until the company had paid its “expenses, taxes and (executive) salaries”.

Or in other words, nobody was getting a cent till those running the scheme had handsomely paid themselves.

Primus Hub has been billed as a combination of income opportunities, revolving around advertising (Primus Marketing), penny auctions (Primus Auction), a shopping portal (Primus Mall) and a social network platform (Primus Social).

As the weeks dragged on following the initial announcement of Primus Hub, recently the compensation plan for Primus Social was made public and provides an insight into the direction the Wealth4AllTeam management are heading.

Read on for a full review of the Primus Social MLM income opportunity.

The Primus Social Product Line

Primus Social claim their social network will be

refreshing new concept in social media which allows you to EARN INCOME, have fun, and do what you already do… Connect with Family, Friends, and Like-Minded Business people.

The “product” appears to be a social network platform that allows members to set up “friend, family and professional profiles” to interact with other users.

Additionally Primus Social members will also be able to set up their own blogs, linked of course to their Primus Social member accounts.

The Primus Social Compensation Plan

There is no retail product or service offered under the Primus Social MLM income opportunity, with membership to the company itself being the only thing members are able to sell.

Membership to Primus Social is $12.95 a month, with members paid using a 2×20 matrix.

A 2×20 matrix places a member at the top of the matrix with two legs branching out from under them (level 1). In turn, these two legs branch out into another two legs (level 2) and so on and so forth down 20 levels.

How much a Primus Social member earns depends on how many members they have in their matrix, and what level these of the matrix these members fall on.

Note that members in a Primus Social member’s matrix are defined as direct  and indirect, with direct being personal recruit and indirect coming from a member’s up or downline.

The monthly payouts for the Primus Social matrix (per member in a matrix) is as follows:

  • Level 1 – direct recruitment: $1, indirect recruitment: $0.25 cents
  • Level 2 – direct recruitment: $0.75 cents, indirect recruitment: $0.25 cents
  • Level 3 – direct recruitment: $0.50 cents, indirect recruitment: $0.75 cents
  • Level 4 – direct recruitment: $0.50 cents, indirect recruitment: $0.25 cents
  • Level 5 – direct recruitment: $0.50 cents, indirect recruitment: $0.10 cents
  • Levels 6 and 7 – direct recruitment: $0.25 cents, indirect recruitment: $0.10 cents
  • Levels 8 to 12 – direct recruitment: $0.10 cents, indirect recruitment: $0.10 cents
  • Levels 13 to 17 – direct recruitment: $0.10 cents, indirect recruitment: $0.05 cents
  • Level 18 – direct recruitment: $0.25 cents, indirect recruitment: $0.05 cents
  • Levels 19 and 20 – direct recruitment: $0.50 cents, indirect recruitment: $0.20 cents

Additionally in order to ensure their members recruit new members before they get paid anything, Primus Social enforces the following recruitment qualifications:

  • commissions on the first 5 levels of the matrix = recruit 2 new members
  • commissions on levels 5 – 10 = recruit two more new members (4 total)
  • commissions on levels 11-15 = recruit two more new members (6 total)
  • commissions on levels 16-20 = recruit two more new members (8 total)

Joining Primus Social

Membership to Primus Social is $12.95 a month.

Free membership apparently also exists, however the specifics of this (what differentiates free membership from paid) was not available at the time of publication of this review from the Primus Social website.

Additionally it is currently only possible to sign up to Primus Social as a paying member and only if you have a referral link from an existing member (forced recruitment).


In explaining their compensation plan, Primus Social state

upgraded members pay a $12.95 monthly membership fee and are placed into a 2×20 matrix.

Primus Hub pays over 80% of the membership fee back out to the members in the matrix.

No difference between “upgraded” and non-upgraded members is provided, other than the fact that those “upgrading” are buying a position in the Primus Hub income opportunity.

In any case, it’s clear that 100% of the commissions paid out in Primus Social are derided from monthly membership fees and that no products and services are being sold at a retail level (all Primus Social members are placed into the compensation plan).

As such commissions in Primus Social are solely dependent on first the recruitment of new members and then the continued payment of monthly membership fees.

Additionally, new members are unable to earn in the scheme unless they recruit at least two new members themselves.

Despite operating a blatant pyramid scheme, Primus Social seem to believe that including the following in their membership agreement,

I understand that since the Association (Primus Hub) is protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, it is outside the jurisdiction and authority of Federal and State Agencies and Authorities concerning any and all complaints or grievances against the Association, any Trustee(s), members or other staff persons.

protects them from both US Federal and State authorities.

Curiously however, in the company’s “terms and conditions”, Primus Hub also state:

Subscriber agrees that the laws of the state of California without regard to conflicts of law’s provisions will govern these Terms and Condition of Use and any dispute that may arise between Subscriber and Company or its affiliates.

It would seem that when running a pyramid scheme Primus Social believe US law does not apply to them, however any disputes between themselves and their members (such as “where did my money go after the Wealth4AllTeam Ponzi scheme collapsed?“), will apparently be resolved under Californian law.

With Wealth4AllTeam an obvious Ponzi scheme and now dead and buried, many of its members who had imaginary earnings tied up in the scheme (and very real initial investment losses) are expected to turn to Primus Hub as a vehicle to reclaim their losses.

Whilst the details of the other components of Primus Hub are not available at this time, if Primus Social is anything to go by (marketed as the central “hub” of the Primus Hub MLM income opportunity), things aren’t looking too bright.

Wealth4AllTeam collapsed due to the inherent long-term sustainability problems all Ponzi schemes suffer from, Primus Social merely replaces those problems with those of a pyramid scheme.

Once members at the bottom of the matrix realise they can’t find anyone to recruit, they stop paying membership fees and before you know it the entire scheme has imploded again.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… well, you know how it goes.