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Wakaya Perfection overturn arbitration order in Youngevity lawsuit

The beef between Wakaya Perfection and Youngevity dates back to 2016. Our reporting initially covered Youngevity’s lawsuit in California, which alleged Wakaya Perfection was founded on stealing business from Youngevity. Wakaya Perfection filed their own lawsuit in Utah, over breach of contract and “tortious behavior”. Wakaya Perfection’s lawsuit was subsequently moved to federal court, wherein Youngevity [Continue reading…]

Fourth Youngevity complaint alleges false Wakaya product claims

On November 4th Youngevity filed a fourth amended complaint against Wakaya Perfection. The complaint is the latest in the long-running feud between Youngevity and Wakaya, dating back to March, 2016. Youngevity’s latest complaint accuses Wakaya Perfection of violations of the Lanham Act, specifically misleading product and marketing claims and misappropriation of trade secrets.

Wakaya Perfection lawsuit dismissed, appeal filed

Wakaya Perfection’s lawsuit against Youngevity was filed in an attempt to  address Youngevity’s breaches of contract, as well as the individual defendants’ independently tortious behavior. Blake Graham (through Total Nutrition INC.), Andre Vaugh, Dave Pitcock and Barb Pitcock, all Wakaya Perfection affiliates, claimed without justification, Youngevity terminated (their) distributorships. As a result, businesses have been damaged and [Continue reading…]

Wakaya Perfection barred from pursuing insider trading discovery

In an attempt to support claims of misconduct as the reason affiliates left Youngevity for Wakaya Perfection, the latter began exploring rumors of insider trading. These rumors were explored in depositions of Youngevity affiliates, during which Wakaya pressed them on questions concerning securities laws of the United States or facts germane to whether any federal [Continue reading…]

Youngevity accuse Wakaya’s Todd Smith of witness tampering

The beef between Youngevity and Wakaya Perfection continues to intensify. In a September 12th filing, Youngevity filed a motion requesting sanctions for witness tampering.

Queries about Dr. Wallach’s alleged Youngevity infidelity restricted

Earlier this week we reported on Dr. Joel Wallach’s sex life being a focal point in the ongoing dispute between Youngevity and Wakaya Perfection. Among other things, Wakaya Perfection allege Youngevity affiliates slept with Wallach in exchange for financial benefit. Discovery in the case saw Wakaya Perfection demand Wallach answer questions about his sex life. [Continue reading…]

Dr. Wallach’s sex life a focal point in Youngevity Wakaya lawsuit

As part of their ongoing legal dispute with Youngevity, Wakaya perfection served Dr. Joel Wallach with discovery interrogatories. Said interrogatories demand Wallach identify each and every person with whom he has entered into a legal marriage, domestic partnership, cohabitation, or substantially similar relationship and the dates on which such relationship commenced. Wakaya Perfection also want [Continue reading…]

Wakaya Perfection counterclaim details Youngevity vendetta, infidelity

On January 18th Wakaya Perfection filed their answer to Youngevity’s lawsuit. For the most part the company denies the claims laid out against it. Individuals identified herein and other distributors of Wakaya’s products neither are agents of Wakaya nor speak for or on behalf of Wakaya, that Wakaya’s compensation plan speaks for itself, and that [Continue reading…]

Youngevity granted injunction, Wakaya granted dismissals

Earlier this year Youngevity filed a lawsuit against Wakaya Perfection. The complaint accused Wakaya Perfection, co-founder Todd Smith and several named defendants of effectively gutting Youngevity from the inside. In May Youngevity filed for an injunction against Todd Smith, Blake Graham and Total Nutrition Inc. The injunction sought to stop Smith, Graham and Total Nutrition [Continue reading…]

Youngevity preliminary injunction against Wakaya Perfection denied

As part of their lawsuit against Wakaya Perfection, in May Youngevity filed for a preliminary injunction against Total Nutrition Team, Inc., Todd Smith, and Blake Graham. If granted, Youngevity’s preliminary injunction would compel ‘Todd Smith, Blake Graham, TNT and their agents to cease further use of 1-800-Wallach and delete and‘ In a decision filed [Continue reading…]