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FTC issues second COVID-19 warning to MLM companies

The FTC has issued a second COVID-19 warning to major players in the MLM industry. This time around the regulator is citing examples of marketing fraud from Youngevity, Melaleuca, Isagenix, Juice Plus+, Plexus Worldwide and Vivri.

Isagenix drops Modere US lawsuit, targets Australia

Isagenix has voluntarily withdrawn its US lawsuit against Modere. The company states it will now commence proceedings in Australia.

Jay Bennett removed from Isagenix top earner lists?

Fallout from Isagenix’s Amazon racket might have seen it cut ties with former top earner Jay Bennett. Each month Isagenix publishes a list of top earners. The documents are a month or so behind, with March being the latest lists.

Isagenix attorney confirms corporate Amazon sales strategy

A week or so ago Isagenix co-founder Jim Coover stated: Isagenix has never actively promoted products on Amazon or encouraged others to do the same. Now Isagenix’s Chief Legal Officer has confirmed a corporate-level Amazon sales strategy.

The Isagenix Amazon retail racket receipts

Last week we reported on a lawsuit alleging Isagenix corporate were in on a secret Amazon/eBay retail racket. A few days after news of the lawsuit broke, Isagenix co-founder Jim Coover appeared on a leadership call to deny the allegations. Today we examine evidence that suggests otherwise.

Jim Coover denies Isagenix Amazon/eBay racket, receipts?

On March 17th BusinessForHome copy and pasted a lawsuit filed in Utah against Isagenix. On March 18th Isagenix held a leadership call, on which Jim Coover addressed the lawsuit.

Isagenix top earner Amazon/eBay racket exposed in lawsuit

Two Isagenix distributors have filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging losses of $170,000. At the heart of the lawsuit is a secret Amazon and eBay sales racket, allegedly approved by Isagenix management.

Isagenix v. Modere lawsuit details (raiding)

Earlier this week we reported Isagenix had filed a raiding lawsuit against Modere. We didn’t have specific details at the time, with only an Isagenix affiliate communication to go on. Since then a reader kindly informed me that Isagenix have made a copy of the complaint available on their website. Having gone through it, it [Continue reading…]

Isagenix lawsuit accuses Modere of “unethical behavior”

Isagenix has revealed a lawsuit filed against Modere and a group of its distributors. Unfortunately we don’t have access to any court documents (yet?), so what follows is from Isagenix itself.

Isagenix Review: Crucial information not disclosed

Isagenix launched in 2002 and operate in the nutritional supplements MLM niche. The company is based out of Arizona in the US and is headed up by founders John Anderson (Master Formulator), Jim Coover (President) and Kathy Coover (Executive Vice-President). As per Jim Coover’s Isagenix corporate bio; With more than 30 years’ experience, Jim Coover is widely [Continue reading…]