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Isagenix majority sold off to undisclosed investors

Following months of financial uncertainty, Isagenix has been sold to a group of undisclosed investors.

Isagenix sued for unsafe levels of vitamins in products

A former IsaBody Challenge winner is suing Isagenix, alleging the company’s products are unsafe.

Isagenix employee stock lawsuit voluntarily dismissed

The proposed class-action lawsuit over Isagenix’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan has been voluntarily dismissed.

Isagenix Employee Stock Ownership Plan lawsuit filed

A proposed class-action is suing the Trustee of the Isagenix Employee Stock Ownership Plan. The Plan is made up of current and former Isagenix employees. The exact number of Plan participants isn’t provided but was estimated to be just over 550 back in December 2019. Plaintiff Shana Robertson is seeking to represent Plan participants in [Continue reading…]

Jay Bennett granted arbitration in Isagenix retail racket case

Two procedural updates in the Isagenix Amazon retail racket case, filed just over a year ago. The first update pertains to individual arbitration being granted to individual defendant Jay Bennett. The second update is Isagenix and the individual defendants failing to get the lawsuit dismissed.

Isagenix products cause illnesses in Canada, mass recalls

Various varieties of Isagenix’s Isalean bars and shakes have been recalled in Canada. The recall follows a series of “reported illnesses”, linked to the consumption of the affected products.

FTC issues second COVID-19 warning to MLM companies

The FTC has issued a second COVID-19 warning to major players in the MLM industry. This time around the regulator is citing examples of marketing fraud from Youngevity, Melaleuca, Isagenix, Juice Plus+, Plexus Worldwide and Vivri.

Isagenix drops Modere US lawsuit, targets Australia

Isagenix has voluntarily withdrawn its US lawsuit against Modere. The company states it will now commence proceedings in Australia.

Jay Bennett removed from Isagenix top earner lists?

Fallout from Isagenix’s Amazon racket might have seen it cut ties with former top earner Jay Bennett. Each month Isagenix publishes a list of top earners. The documents are a month or so behind, with March being the latest lists.

Isagenix attorney confirms corporate Amazon sales strategy

A week or so ago Isagenix co-founder Jim Coover stated: Isagenix has never actively promoted products on Amazon or encouraged others to do the same. Now Isagenix’s Chief Legal Officer has confirmed a corporate-level Amazon sales strategy.