Youngevity’s dispute with Wakaya Perfection dates back to 2016.

As I write this there are currently 679 filings in the long-running case, most of which are administrative.

As such I’ve been keeping updates on the case to a minimum, preferring to wait for substantial developments.

As per an order made on December 26th, the case has now been given a trial date.

If you want to read up on the origins of the dispute, we covered Youngevity’s lawsuit in April 2016.

Wakaya Perfection filed its own lawsuit however, owing to similarities between the two lawsuits, Wakaya’s litigation was stayed last March.

Counterclaims were filed in both cases, with Wakaya Perefection recently filing for Summary Judgement on a number of them.

A decision on those motions has yet to be reached. Additionally, a number of filings over the years have been made under seal.

We’ll continue to track the case as the now scheduled May 11th trial date ticks closer. Stay tuned…


Update 16th May 2020 – On May 14th the pretrial conference was vacated and rescheduled for June 17th.

The same order continued the previously scheduled trial “until further notice from the court”.

Consequently, as it stands there is no scheduled Youngevity v. Wakaya Perfection court date. We’ll continue to monitor the case docket for updates.