Youngevity has ended its foray into 8 Minute Trader.

In a communication sent out to members, Youngevity advised it had

made the decision to close the 8 Minute Trader project, effective November 14, 2023.

8 Minute Trader popped up on BehindMLM’s radar in mid 2022. We formally reviewed 8 Minute Trader a few months later in October.

8 Minute Trader was a strange offering, in that Youngevity obviously didn’t have a history with forex.

To that end 8 Minute Trader was headed up by Sal Leto (right).

Leto, a former promoter of the OneCoin Ponzi scheme, is assumed to have entered into a business relationship with Youngevity.

Details of the relationship were never made public, but the contract appears to have been for about a year.

Oddly enough, throughout 8 Minute Trader’s run I don’t recall Youngevity every publicly marketing the opportunity. 8 Minute Trader existed on Youngevity’s website but that was about it.

As disclosed by Robert Burns in the private “8 Minute Trader Launch – TimefreedomTeam” FaceBook group, Leto will spearhead another opportunity “early in 2024”.

Whether Leto’s new gig will be forex or even MLM related is unclear.

With nobody in 8 Minute Trader making the pitched $130,000 within a year, Leto’s forex history and experience remains questionable.