Youngevity has advised distributors that it will be abandoning its acquired Jamberry Nails, Beneyou and Mialisia nail care and jewelry product lines.

I haven’t seen anything official from Youngevity yet, but this is from an “important message” doing the rounds;

Over the past few years we’ve recognized that the majority of our field has turned their main focus to wellness.

As Youngevity works to support that passion, they have made the decision to discontinue some of our products in order to focus their efforts on others.

It has been decided that Youngevity will be discontinuing our nail and jewelry products from our offering.

Starting tomorrow, April 20th, they will begin removing these product SKUs from (Youngevity’s website).

This is a manual process that will take place over the next week or so, which means those items will be available in your back office until they are removed from the system.

At time of publication, nail care products were still available from Youngevity’s online store:

Mialisia’s jewelry products appear to have already been removed.

The BeneYou site is currently in the process of being turned off.

I can confirm BeneYou’s website is no longer accessible:

Health and wellness products from BeneYou will still be available through Youngevity.

The reason behind Youngevity discontinuing Jamberry, Beneyou and Mislisia lines appears to be declining sales.

We know there are many that love these products, and that this will be disappointing for some. Believe me, we feel it too. These decisions are not made lightly.

But with the decline of sales on these particular products over the last few years, coupled with higher order quantity requirements, we feel that this is the right decision.

Not sure how this effects Youngevity distributors who didn’t come over from Jamberry, BeneYou and Mialisia, but those that did are not too happy.

Jamberry Nails collapsed in 2018 and was acquired by M.Network. M.Network rebranded as M.Global and then BeneYou later that same year.

BeneYou and the Jamberry Nails brand were acquired by Youngevity in 2019. Mialisia was acquired in 2015.