Remember Wazzub?

For those who came in late Wazzub were pretty much the “Rippln” of 2011 as far as hyped up MLM launches go.

With their own massively hyped launch campaign kicking off in late 2011 and extending into 2012, the basic idea behind Wazzub was to attach a “do-everything” search portal to a “profit-sharing” MLM compensation plan and hope for the best.

Not surprisingly Wazzub (or PerfectInternet… whatever they’re calling themselves now) flopped, with the company failing to generate any significant revenue and thus missing several self-imposed commssion deadlines after launch.

Over the past year or so the company has however continued to string those along who still believe in the failed concept, marketing everything from lotteries, ebooks and online games to them. I even saw some marketing material for some “global talent show” a few months back. I think the idea was for Wazzub affiliates to enter and if they won, win a prize.

Yes, that’s how weird the Wazzub MLM opportunity has become.

Perhaps realising that talent shows, ebooks and lotteries an MLM business opportunity makes not, Wazzub now appear to be gearing up to launch into the mobile app market.

Branding their app “Perfect App” (no chance of under-delivering there…), Wazzub recently put up a splash page for Perfect App on their PerfectInternet website domain:


Details on the app are at this point are sketchy, with Wazzub only disclosing that the app ‘will be released Oct 1, 2013‘.

The age of the mobile Internet has just begun. Imagine a business – global, free and unlimited. 5 Billion people on this planet own a mobile phone and 5 Billion people would love to earn money simply by using their phone.

The solution is simple – right now, while you are reading this text, a group of experts is developing the PERFECT APP!

Whenever a person, no matter where or when, is using this FREE app he/she will earn money. Whenever a person, invited by you, is using the PERFECT APP you will earn money too.

Given the existance of Wazzub’s PerfectInternet search portal and reading between the lines, if I didn’t know any better I’d say the Wazzub app is simply going to be a mobile extension of the PerfectInternet search portal.

Compensation wise it appears to be a 5 level deep unilevel style plan, with commissions being generated via user interaction with the app.

A somewhat creepy genie features on the Perfect App website, offering predictions of how many affiliates you need to recruit in order to reach specified commission targets you enter onto the page:


I punched in a modest $1000 a month and Wazzub’s creepy genie informed that I’d need to recruit ‘at least 7 free members who do the same 5 generations deep‘. That is to say I recruit 7 affiliates who recruit 7 affiliates each who recruit 7 affiliates each etc., etc.

Meanwhile down the bottom of the creepy genie page Wazzub inform me that

As in real life, you never know if a fortune-teller is telling the truth.

So uh… you want me to sign up for Perfect App and start recruiting new affiliates based on the idea that’s all I need to do to earn $1000 a month – but to keep in mind that you also might be lying about it.