OnPassive’s latest innovative marketing ruse is…  a social network.

Launching as “O-Net”, it is the latest in a string of cloned me-too services Ash Mufareh can’t seem to get anyone to pay for.

Rather than pitch O-Net himself, Mufareh seems to have delegated marketing to longtime OnPassive “founder” Mike Ellis.

As Ellis explains, O-Net serves as an OnPassive trojan horse;

You’re not inviting them into OnPassive, you’re inviting them onto a social network.

So as we do this, when it’s ready when its time to do it, we won’t even talk about OnPassive.

We will be talking about a social media platform that is superior to anything that’s out there, and why they want to come on.

Signing up to O-Net will be free. It is hoped revenue will be generated by pushing OnPassive’s products onto non-affiliates.

As you can see above, what was initially pitched as a “profound business platform run by artificial intelligence”, is now just a grouping of cloned “me too” services.

The inspiration for a significant number of OnPassive products is Global Domains International, an MLM company Mufareh was promoting a decade ago.

With the exception of O-Net, OnPassive’s products aren’t free – begging the question why anyone would use them over often free alternatives?

With respect to O-Net, Mike Ellis claims Mufareh began developing the social network because existing offerings weren’t “secure, private or ethical”.

We’ll address Ash Mufareh’s ethics in a sec. With respect to security, OnPassive is so secure someone managed to email affiliates about a crypto offering just a few months ago.

As for privacy, while OnPassive might not be selling user data to third-party advertisers, it’s still an MLM company generating leads on every O-Net sign up.

Same harvesting tactics, different end-game. Regardless of your social network of choice, if it’s free to sign up you are the product.

“Our social network is less shit than the shitty existing options, please use it so we can sell you stuff,” is hardly a compelling pitch.

Now let’s talk ethics.

Ash Mufareh was a TelexFree Ponzi promoter. Through GoFounders, OnPassive prelaunched as a simple matrix-based pyramid scheme.

Coming up on three years, OnPassive affiliates still have nothing to show for signing up.

In that respect, O-Net is just the latest in a never-ending parade of promises.

The most damning exhibition of Mufareh’s ethics however, pertains to BehindMLM. And this ties into how O-Net’s marketing pitch.

Rather than address how an MLM company with no retail wasn’t a pyramid scheme, Mufareh’s response to BehindMLM calling out GoFounders and OnPassive was to impersonate us.

To that end Mufareh set up a website using BehindMLM’s name, and filled it with self-serving disingenuous marketing slop.

Y’know, ethics.

To see just how fragile Mufareh’s ego is, one need only run a search for “onpasive”, “gofounders” or “ash mufareh”.

You’ll find pages and pages of curated marketing spam, created for no other reason than to bury actual information.

Disagreeing with facts presented on BehindMLM is one thing. The ethical thing to do would be to respond to them.

What isn’t ethical is impersonating a leading industry publication to push your pyramid scheme. As far as marketing goes, that’s about as unethical as you can get.

For an MLM executive posturing as an ethical CEO, it’s downright disgraceful.

Ash Mufareh’s complete lack of ethics ties into how O-Net’s marketing pitch – as relayed by Mike Ellis;

If you don’t have the same mindset that they (existing social networks) have, not only will they censor you, but they’ll block you, they’ll delete what you have.

And if you continue to do it they’ll just cancel you.

And really what they’re trying to do is to manipulate us to get into the same place that they’re at, with the same mindset that they have.

If one were to sign up to O-Net and start posting factual critiques of Mufareh and his never-ending prelaunch OnPassive pyramid scheme, how long is that content going to remain up for?

What about links to BehindMLM’s OnPassive coverage? Or any other “mindset” Mufareh doesn’t personally agree with?

Given the cult-like manner in which OnPassive has been marketed over the past three years, Ellis’ O-Net spin overflows with irony.

If we discount Mufareh’s lack of morals and the OnPassive pyramid Trojan horse, there’s still the issue of every MLM social network in history failing.

I’m not here to advocate for existing social networks. There’s a reason you won’t find any legitimate BehindMLM social media accounts.

The reason MLM social networks fail is universally for the same reason – absolutely no interest outside of the MLM company itself.

And why would there be? Why would an end-consumer sign up for and actively use a social network built to market, at least in the case of OnPassive, a pyramid scheme?

They wouldn’t. And that’s why after what’s left of the OnPassive affiliate-base signs up, O-Net will run as an echo-chamber for a few months before being forgotten about.

Better to have just launched it for what will wind up being O-Net’s practical purpose, a safe space for Mufareh to address his flock that he’s in complete control over.