OnPassive has been in prelaunch now for roughly two and a half years.

To this day, gullible “founders” who shelled $97 for positions still have nothing to show for it.

A reader comment from late October prompted me to flag OnPassive for an update check in a few months.

The comment itself was the revelation that, thirty or so months in, OnPassive was launching an AI chat bot.

According to Mufareh, the bot is to be used to cut Onpassive’s “human support hours” by 40%.

With a never-ending prelaunch and not a cent in commissions paid out since inception, you can imagine how busy OnPassive’s support team must be.

How long it took OnPassive’s outsourced Indian developers to put together bot technology found on practically every major ecommerce website is unclear.

What I can tell you is OnPassive first started talking about chat bots back in February 2020.

Meaningless techno-jargon aside, I could install a chat bot on BehindMLM in about five minutes.

Out of curiosity I went looking for a bot popup on OnPassive’s website and didn’t find one. So whether the chat bot even launched or not is unclear (it might just be used for victim correspondence from the backoffice).

If you’re wondering what kind of people hand over $97 and then sit back and swallow one nonsense update after another for two and a half years, here’s a snapshot of your typical OnPassive affiliate’s mindset:

I say typical because naturally some OnPassive affiliates realize they’ve been taken for a ride.

The best example of this a grab from the YouTube channel “loner gripe” (same source as the chat bot announcement linked to above).

In a video uploaded on August 30th, an OnPassive affiliate tells Mufareh he’s been struggling with no income “since before COVID”.

Sensing he’s about to be grilled, Mufareh cuts him off and berates the man for not looking at his camera.

After an awkward exchange, and having just been told the man is “struggling with no income”, Mufareh asks, “How are you doing today?”

The man responds that he’s “doing OK” but “struggling to pay the bills”.

Cue lots of shifty sideways glancing by Mufareh:

Why? Because Mufareh knew what was coming…

What was has to happen in order to open the soft launch, so I can start bringing money in and feed my kids?

Rather than just answer the question (never, but thanks for your money though), Mufareh hid behind the question being asked on a “public webinar”.

This is a public webinar. You can ask that question tomorrow on the private webinar with founders.

Make sense? Yeah, didn’t to me either.

After deflecting the man’s question, Mufareh invites him to ask another one.

So you’ve said in the past, “It’s a done deal”. What specifically do you mean by it’s done?

Do you mean the programming is done? Or it’s a done deal that we will open? But can you give me a timeline?

Or what’s done? What’s the actual done part of the done deal?

After a few moments of awkward silence, Mufareh again deflects;

OK. Yeah. Tha-that is definitely the wrong place for the question.

What follows is classic Mufareh word salad;

We were talking about the ideal perfect business. The right ingredients for a business model, OK?

Alright that business doesn’t exist.

We decided to do something called OnPassive, applying, endorsing, OK? Including… those… perfect business ingredients.

That’s what we’ve done. And we realized after, y’know… we’ve been doing it, that we’re able… OK? And we got all the resources and abilities to make it happen.

It’s a done deal, it’s a matter of time.

Clear as mud? Yeah.

I feel it’s worth pointing out again that OnPassive’s business model is a simple matrix script. You sign up, pay a fee for a matrix position and get paid to recruit others who do the same.

All that’s stopping OnPassive launching is attaching said matrix script to a live website.

But Oz, if it’s that simple then why has Ash Mufareh strung OnPassive affiliates along for two and a half years and counting?

A December 7th blog post on OnPassive’s website claims “over 341,000 members have now entered the Go-Founder ranks!”

341,000 multiplied by $99 comes to $33,759,000.

The problem with actually launching OnPassive is that means money flowing out of Mufareh’s pockets as commissions paid to affiliates.

Sadly, that’s all there is to it.

Based on current Alexa website traffic estimates, OnPassive is being primarily promoted in India, the US and Australia.