After failing to launch coming up on three years, Ash Mufareh has announced a GoFounders token.

GOF is being flogged to OnPassive and GoFounders affiliates for $1 each.

In an email sent out to Onpassive and GoFounders affiliates, Ken Russo, a membership of the scam’s “leadership council”, detailed GOF token packages spanning $100 to $20,000 USD.

Minimum purchase and bonuses in $GOF tokens:

100 USD = 100 GOF

1000 USD = 1100 GOF

10000 USD = 12000 GOF

20000 USD = 25000 GOF

(Maximum buy per user is 25000 $GOF.)

Mufareh is soliciting investment in GOF tokens via bitcoin and ethereum:

Send BTC:


Send ETH:


At the time of publication 0.86184648 BTC has been received into Mufareh’s bitcoin wallet since April 13th (first transaction date).

4.320714927803761855 ETH has been received into his ethereum wallet since April 13th (again first transaction date).

Of that amount, 3.31 ETH has already been withdrawn.

After the “very short timeframe” Mufareh intends to milk OnPassive and GoFounders affiliates for even more money, Russo states “$GOF will be distributed and listed on crypto exchange binance.”

From there it appears OnPassive and GoFounders will make the transition into DeFi fraud.

We aim to be the most transparent project in DeFi, our devs are not anonymous, we are an open book so to speak.

We see a very bright future for Gofounders and will keep working on it as long as the community is investing.

We’re launching new pools and announcing our first partnership in the next few days, so anyone keen to get on board should consider that in their timing.

As to why all of this is happening, Ash Mufareh (right) himself stated;

We will see $GOF 50x when it get listed on crypto exchange. In It To Win It!! Take part in IEO ASAP!

Yep. Another MLM crypto shitcoin pump and dump cash grab.