Ash Mufareh is threatening O-Founders who speak out about the company with “criminal defamation”.

The problem is that’s not a thing where OnPassive is promoted.

Sometime recently a disclaimer started appearing on OnPassive’s website. I believe it was initially featured in the backoffice.

OnPassive does not believe in, encourage or endorse a so-called “Get-Rich-Quick” model.

We are not an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company; we are not into chain marketing.

OnPassive is not an investment platform. Neither we are into stocks, investment instruments, nor do we guarantee or promise any secured income/returns at [sic].

While I can agree with the investment stuff, OnPassive is very much an MLM opportunity that promised passive returns.

It’s in the company’s name, OnPassive.

OnPassive went into prelaunch back in 2018. The company promised passive income through AI, which would somehow recruit new affiliates.

Commissions were promised through a four-tier matrix pyramid scheme.

Almost four years later, that hasn’t launched. OnPassive’s AI turned out to be a chatbot.

The only flow of money within OnPassive has been payments collected from affiliates.

OnPassive now tells affiliates its

model is yet to be defined as it depends upon the scale and reach of our envisioned products.

One can easily understand why an OnPassive affiliate might feel the need to speak up about being lied to.

To which Mufareh threatens (terrible grammar preserved);

Any sort of derogatory statements against our company is strictly forbidden.

Publishing videos or content in online social mediums without substantial proof would be considered as an attempt of criminal defamation.

The company reserves the absolute right to take legal actions against the perpetrators.

Personally I haven’t seen anyone making up anything to complain about. There’s plenty of factual problems with OnPassive to complaint about, so why bother?

As OnPassive devolves into six hour long webinars of Mufareh congratulating himself, things appear to be getting desperate.

OnPassive is only worth keeping in never-ending prelaunch if new recruits are signing up. Affiliates speaking out about the scam threatens that.

Which is really what this is all about. Silencing dissent among the ranks.

Mufareh’s been doing it for years.

You can poop, you can do whatever you want, okay. Tell me it’s a free press and all that okay. We’ll see. It’s gonna be ugly.

You don’t mess with us OK? We’re OnPassive.

I have no mercy for those who question OnPassive. Are they idiots? Like seriously.

Earlier this month Mufareh made the baseless implication he was sending the US government after his victims.

The good news is criminal defamation isn’t a thing in India or the US. These two countries make up 77% of visits to OnPassive’s website.

The UAE is third at 5%. Anything goes in the UAE so probably best to not say anything about anything if you’re there.

Where Mufareh’s threat also falls short is reporting OnPassive to regulators and the authorities.

Mufareh himself is based out of Florida in the US. OnPassive maintains a group of employees in India.

Pretty much all of the evidence required to demonstrate OnPassive is a scam has been documented here on BehindMLM.

There’s also a growing library of Mufareh’s misrepresentations over at The Recovering Hunbot’s YouTube channel.

On Mufareh’s recent “I’m working with the US government webinar”, he gave himself until April 22nd to launch OnPassive’s “global marketing campaign”.

It will be seen by millions. I can I can fairly say tens of millions.

Whether that’s another broken promise remains to be seen.