OnPassive is coming up on four years of prelaunch. Ash Mufareh is now framing this as “over-delivering”.

Any O-Founders speaking out are being threatened with termination and legal action.

Richard Redfern (aka Red Redfern), is an OnPassive O-Founder from the UK. In a stream held yesterday, Redfern summarized statements made by Mufareh.

Mufareh owns OnPassive. He’s been stringing gullible affiliates along with a neverending prelaunch since 2018.

Redfern claims the recent OnPassive webinar saw Mufareh “come back fighting”.

It was absolutely mind-blowing amazing. It was epic in fact in my opinion … probably one of the best webinars that Ash has done.

He started to get real with this business. Started to get real with what is acceptable from what founders say and do,

Turns out Mufareh’s best ever OnPassive webinar wasn’t about launching the company or delivering profitably to its members.

The gloves are off now and (Mufareh) is going to start getting heavy with people.

Rather it was giving victims the finger and threatening them with retaliation.

First Mufareh has to address the obvious.

People have paid in on the expectation of passive profits (it’s literally in the company name), and that hasn’t happened.

We’ve had discussions with legal teams, he had a meeting the day before yesterday … and they all agree that this $97 that we have paid to be a founder has already been over-delivered in that price-point.

That’s not a typo. In the bizarre world of OnPassive, getting told you’ll make infinity money in the next “billion dollar unicorn company” by paying $97, and that not materializing for coming up on four years… is “over-delivering”.

I really do want to reiterate this again and again again; how important your Founders position is.

It is the Willy Wonka golden ticket guys.

Mufareh is now redefining OnPassive’s entire marketing premise.

Let’s all pretend we paid $97 for access to “me-too” software, and not Ash Mufareh telling us for four years we’re all going to be bajillionaires because half the planet will use OnPassive’s products.

And if we want to get technical, attached to the passive profits was a simple matrix-based pyramid scheme. That never materialized and appears to have been quietly dropped.

With that seismic shift in OnPassive’s marketing message out of the way, Mufareh moves onto the next point of business.

If people aren’t adhering to their NDA that they have signed, then the company have got the right to terminate these founders for going against their NDA and defamation of the company.

Up to this moment we’ve been very flexible to the negativity, the slandering, and the spreading from the Founders of bad words and negativity.

This is all gonna change.

And he (Mufareh) said, as of today, this was yesterday, we are not gonna allow it from now on.

He has handed this over to his legal representations, and he said that the first wave of this is going to come down very hard on a lot of these people.

Remember guys, there is a lot of people out there who think they’re smart. They think they’ve done stuff that they’ve got away with and the rest of it.

No no no. He knows exactly who these people are. A list has been compiled and a lot of information has been sent to Ash about what some of these people are doing.

And I’m not just talking about YouTubers. I’m talking about stuff that’s on FaceBook and Twitter and all the rest of the places as well.

He know what is going on.

So if you are one of these people, then y’know, just look over your shoulder guys because the big OnPassive axe might be coming down on you pretty hard.

Redfern goes on to state anyone who isn’t “positive and supportive” won’t “be rewarded”.

The message is clear: If you believed OnPassive’s original marketing message but have since realized you’ve been had, shut up about it.

Mufareh is also back to pretending he’ll cut off OnPassive’s only source of income, Founders position fees.

Soon the Founders positions will be done and dusted … As soon as the marketing campaigns stop, boom. That is it. No more Founders.

This has been a marketing carrot Mufareh has dangled since at least late 2019.

So far we’ve covered pretending OnPassive wasn’t a “pay a fee and earn money” opportunity, threatening members with lawsuits and the silly notion of cutting off OnPassive’s only revenue stream.

Mufareh however saved his best for last.

(Mufareh) also said that he’s just had a dinner with government officials. I mean how cool is that?

When people start questioning the ethics and the legalities of OnPassive, there’s our CEO saying he’s having official dinners with governors and people like this in the United States.

And they really are so impressed with what OnPassive is doing. They really cannot understand how he’s managed to put all this together.

Implying US government approval of and/or cooperation with OnPassive is most certainly a violation of the FTC Act.

That’s on top of deceptive marketing, income claim representations and the fact that OnPassive’s matrix model is that of a pyramid scheme.

Through OnPassive and O-Founders (formerly GoFounders), Mufareh is believed to have collected millions in membership fees.

Based on Alexa traffic estimates, the US (26%) is OnPassive’s second largest source of recruitment after India (53%). Many OnPassive affiliates have paid for multiple accounts, with some believed to own hundreds.