As time goes on, it’s getting harder and harder to sell the OnPassive pyramid scheme.

Webinars have blown out to just under six hours, with the latest taking place on February 21st.

In the webinar, owner Ash Mufareh made the usual fantastical marketing claims. He also threatened the free press and claims OnPassive is working with the US. government.

Despite claiming to have a webinar product, marketed as “the most reliable AV conference platform no less”…

…OnPassive still uses Zoom to host its corporate webinars. Go figure.

Appearing three hours into the webinar, Mufareh immediately downplayed expectations by statingĀ “the details don’t matter”.

He also made it a point to belabor his humbleness.

Every government know(s) what we’re spending, and what we’ve done.

We’re at a stage where, y’know, we can really brag and we can be arrogant. But we choose to be humble.

Throughout the webinar, Mufareh’s humbleness was readily on display.

I do have a limited number of years that, within that age, it’s a plan okay?

If I die at that point … I would have given the biggest impact to mankind in history.

If you have something that will change the course of humanity, to that extreme, you’re gonna get attention.

Not just now, hundreds of years later we’ll be talked about.

There is life, I don’t know how long, hundreds of millions. But human beings (have) lived here for ten thousand years or so.

Up until now, there was no OnPassive.

There will be OnPassive. Life will be different after OnPassive.

Launched as a simple matrix-based pyramid scheme nearly four years ago, OnPassive remains in prelaunch.

Moving on to Mufareh’s threats, BehindMLM did cover themĀ a few days ago. This was through a retelling by Richard Redfern.

Redfern primarily focused on Mufareh threatening disgruntled OnPassive affiliates.

In Mufareh’s own words;

In a friendly manner we’ve solved a few, y’know, slanderous and uh, some blackmailing and all those negative practices.

That has changed. As of today.

And if you’re thinking I’m threatening anybody, it’s not in that way.

This is a business for humanity, to change humanity.

It would be a shame for us to allow a silly loser to… and a negative evil, or just a dumb person, worthless, they have nothing to do… uh, to spoil that massive value to the course of humanity.

It’s insane, we’re not gonna allow it.

There are rules in life and there’s law. Some people have y’know crossed the line a little bit, so we’re gonna handle that.

And I just really want to say this:

Not just in America, globally. Those who will be the first lesson for everybody, they’re gonna have it bad.

Cuz we’re gonna have to set a good lesson. Okay?

Listen, I’m crazy and I gave the permission and the authority, the approval for a massive budget.

Just to seal those and really push them back. Listen, we’re a real company. We’re not messing around.

Having watched the referenced webinar myself, I found it odd Redfern didn’t include Mufareh additionally threatening the free press.

You can poop, you can do whatever you want, okay. Tell me it’s a free press and all that okay. We’ll see. It’s gonna be ugly.

You don’t mess with us OK? We’re OnPassive.

I have no mercy for those who question OnPassive. Are they idiots? Like seriously.

We’re not sure which press Mufareh was threatening. He doesn’t elaborate.

The other point of interest in the slogfest of a webinar, was Mufareh pushing OnPassive’s ties to “rulers” and the US government.

We asked for, y’know, high profile top level uh, rulers of so many places to back us up.

We need it. This is about our well-being and existence.

Mufareh framed OnPassive’s ties to the US government as a state-level connection, spanning the Governor’s office and consumer protection.

I had a dinner with one of the states, not saying the government, for the consumer protection. That was last night.

Almost at the end (they said), “How do you do this? How do you come up with all of this?”

Despite claiming he wouldn’t, Mufareh went on to insinuate OnPassive is working with high-level US government officials.

For those who like to complain about OnPassive, I have direct contacts for the upper upper levels for them.

I was going to show one of the key people who literally enjoyed dinner with us last night. But I don’t want to show their identity here.

And you’d be a fool to think that I’m just saying that without any basis to it. You are insane, okay?

You think I can say that? Like that is not normal for anybody to think that way.

Yes, we’re talking about bigger than congress. Okay?

If you’re thinking Governor? Yes. State department? Yes.

Mufareh is based out of Florida. The current Governor of Florida is Ron DeSantis.

Consumer protection in Florida is overseen by the state Attorney General’s Office.

Mufareh’s comments were directed at people complaining about OnPassive. The implication being he is able to send the US government after his victims.

(They’re) friends. They’re advocates, they love what we’re doing.

They’re impressed. Their jaw dropped, okay. “How do you do this? How do you come up with all of this?”

Did I take pictures? No.

Looking forward, Mufareh has locked in a time period for an OnPassive marketing campaign.

One to sixty days from today we will have the initial global marketing campaign, which is historical, deployed.

It will be seen by millions. I can I can fairly say tens of millions.

The webinar is dated February 21st, giving Mufareh until April 22nd to deliver.

Mufareh states his goal is to make $33 million a month through OnPassive.

Since pre launching back in 2018, Mufareh is believed to have collected millions in OnPassive membership fees.