Some top earners at least pretend to be remorseful about the millions they stole through OneCoin.

Then there’s Kari Wahlroos, who in an upcoming documentary tells OneCoin victims to “kiss my ass”.

Wahlroos, a Finnish national who describes himself as “one of the grandmaster orchestrators” of OneCoin, is set to feature in “OneCoin – The inside man”.

Wahlroos was appointed an “ambassador” of OneCoin in 2015 (right).

He was demoted in December 2017, eleven months after OneCoin collapsed.

Wahlroos didn’t disclose why he was demoted. OneCoin however put out an official statement, claiming Wahlroos had made consistent miscommunication and misrepresentation(s)”.

Due to consistent miscommunication and misrepresentation of the OneLife Network operations and strategy, the management team of OneLife has taken the unfortunate decision to demote Mr. Wahlroos from all his activities and responsibilities for the Network.

The company has experienced serious legal consequences, following Mr. Wahlroos’ behavior on and off stage, indirectly damaging its credibility and reputation.

In a January 15th OneCoin – The Insider Man trailer, Wahlroos provides insight into his time at OneCoin.

Personally I recall rumors of Wahlroos’ substance abuse dating back to as long as he’d been with OneCoin. For the first time Wahlroos himself publicly confirms the rumors.

Did I drink alcohol? Yes, every day.

Did I use coke? Tons of it.

On the money side of things, Wahlroos claims he received 2% of OneCoin investment throughout Europe.

Finland was making €5 million a month, I get two percent. Germany was making €10 million a month, I get two percent. Russia was making €2 million a month, I get my two percent.

And after a few months we were in €200 million a month. Kiss my ass.

Wahlroos claims that, in OneCoin’s best year, he generated €1.4 billion in stolen funds. 2% of this amount comes to €28 million.

While acknowledging that only “very few people” made money, Wahlroos states anyone who “wasn’t making €100 thousand a month” in OneCoin was a “fucking idiot”.

Wahlroos’ depiction of OneCoin’s top earners is a sad group of middle-aged men preying on young women in Thailand.

(OneCoin’s) top 20 leaders were invited to a special gentlemen’s club. With these Thai girls, with these sex parties.

Sebastian (Greenwood) takes a girl and goes fuck her. (He) comes back and takes another one. He was using his money and power to seduce girls.

Greenwood (in the grey suit), co-founder of OneCoin with Ruja Ignatova (pink dress), was sentenced to twenty years in prison in September 2023.

Circumstances are unclear but Wahlroos goes on to claim whoever is left running OneCoin, at some point tried to assassinate him.

I felt the numbness and dizziness coming into my face. They tried to fucking kill me.

OneCoin has noted ties to organized crime interests in Bulgaria, Russia and Dubai.

Laundering money stolen through OneCoin was a large coordinated effort spanning multiple countries. According to Wahlroos, OneCoin’s operations in China resulted in “a lot” of deaths.

A lot of people were dead in China, bringing the money over the border.

Some said 30, some said even more people were killed.

China began cracking down on OneCoin in 2016. As of May 2018, around 160 OneCoin related arrests had been made.

As part of their investigations, Chinese authorities also managed to seize $7.1 million belonging to Greenwood.

US authorities have pegged OneCoin losses at around €4 billion euros. Wahlroos pegs total OneCoin losses closer to €14 to €15 billion.

OneCoin related criminal proceedings in Italy are ongoing. Germany sentenced OneCoin money launderer Frank Ricketts to prison earlier this month.

That Wahlroos and other OneCoin top earners have faced no repercussions, is an ongoing indictment of Europe’s inability and/or unwillingness to hold those responsible for OneCoin accountable.

Today Wahlroos is promoting Global NFT Group, a Ponzi scheme built around PNGVN tokens and an NFT grift.

Launched in early 2023 and currently going by GNGIM, Global NFT Group, like OneCoin, is a typical MLM crypto Ponzi.

OneCoin – The inside man is being produced by Orlando John, a film production company based out of Sweden. No release date has been set.