Fourteen promoters of the OneCoin Ponzi scheme have been indicted by Italy’s Guardia di Finanza.

The indictments were filed in Bolzano, a city in Italy’s South Tyrol province.

Unfortunately the names of those indicted have not been released.

What we do know is the suspects have been charged with

crimes of aggravated fraud, illegal dissemination and promotion and pyramid selling of electronic money, illegal collection of savings and financial illegal, all with the aggravating circumstance of transnationality.

Italian authorities have identified around 3700 OneCoin victims in South Tyrol, who together lost over 5 million euros.

We also know the Guardia di Finanza’s investigation focused on the notorious Steinkeller brothers, who “provided assistance” to OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova.

Christian, Aron and Stephan Steinkeller abandoned OneCoin shortly after it collapsed in early 2017.

The brothers headed up the “One DreamTeam” Onecoin group of promoters, netting them around $2.5 million dollars a month at the time.

In late 2019 the Steinkeller’s returned with Planet Impact, an environment themed MLM opportunity.

Planet Impact’s website is still up but the company’s official Facebook page was abandoned in April 2020.

After leaving OneCoin the Steinkellers, originally from South Tyron, fled to Dubai. Dubai doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Italy.

For that reason and more, Dubai is currently the MLM scam capital of the world. The city is a safe-haven for MLM scammers on the run from law enforcement.

Of the remaining suspects indicted, we know that ‘9 from South Tyrol and 1 from Veneto’.

Along with the Steinkellers that’s thirteen, suggesting Ruja Ignatova herself might be the fourteenth indictee.

Ignatova disappeared in late 2017. She is believed to either be dead or being harbored in Russia or the UAE.

Italy began its crackdown on OneCoin in late 2016. Just before the New Year, the AGCM issued an injunction, effectively banning promotion of OneCoin across Italy.

In February 2017 OneCoin was declared a pyramid scheme and officially banned in Italy.

Three months later the Steinkeller brothers, head of the largest Italian OneCoin group, abandoned the scam and fled.

Following non-compliance with the ban, the AGCM fined OneCoin 2.5 million euros in August 2017.

Despite the fine, promotion of OneCoin continued in Italy. In July 2019 Italian OneCoin promoters held an event in Verona.

The event was coordinated through the Facebook group IMA – Italia Indipendent Marketing Association Italia.

According to promotional material, the Verona event was run by Simon Le, Habib Zahid and Italian OneCoin promoter Luca Miatton.

Admins of the Italia Indipendent Marketing Association Italia include Marco Agnelli, Nicola Giarcuni, Renato Zin, Luca Miatton, Patrizia Testagrossa, Alessio Mitta Miatoon, G Nithihayah Oliva and Marco Barbagello.

Italian authorities arrested several attendees as they boarded planes out of Italy after the event.

After the Steinkeller OneCoin era and subsequent squandering of their downline by Stefan Liback, Luca Miatton emerged as head of OneCoin in Italy.

Miatton (right) has a history of deception with respect to promotion of OneCoin.

In April 2020 Miatton was caught lying about an alleged prepaid MasterCard partnership between OneCoin and Soldo.

In May 2021, Miatton was again caught lying about cooperation between OneCoin and the Ukraine government.

On his personal Facebook page, a July 31st video post shows Miatton promoting OneCoin at a hotel in Italy’s north.

Whether Miatton is one of the fourteen OneCoin promoters indicted is unclear.