Late last year OneCoin scammers began pushing the narrative that the Ukrainian government had entered into cooperation with the Ponzi scheme.

Yesterday the Ukraine government issued an official statement, denying any partnership with OneCoin.

As initially reported by BehindMLM reader WhistleBlowerFin, last October Luca Miatton organized a meeting with Ukraine Deputy PM Oley Uruskiy.

We don’t know specifically what was discussed, but as above OneCoin affiliates framed the meeting as a “meeting (to discuss the) legalization of OneCoin”.

The following month, OneCoin affiliate Lidiia Koteliak doubled down on the Ukraine legalization narrative.

By the end of this month we are planning to have a meeting with the head of National bank of Ukraine.


This meeting will be very important for us because there will be a lot of answers, and we will have positive answers there, and of course one the answers will be about legalization of OneCoin Ukraine.

Koteliak appears to be the link between OneCoin and access to Ukranian members of parliament, having served as a former People’s Deputy between 2012 and 2014.

Nothing much seems to have happened after that, until earlier this month.

As reported by BehindMLM reader Semjon, Luca Miatton and Cristi Calina appeared on a May 1st OneCoin webinar.

On the webinar Miatton and Calina

showcase(d) a document claiming to be an approval of “Central bank of Ukraine” to green-light the use of OneCoin as a financial asset.

They talk about Luca becoming a president of a bank in Ukraine — one that will start hand out OneCoin payment cards to OneCoin members again.

The bank will be first of its kind to work with OneCoin.

The document was from Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation. The department is currently headed up by Mykhailo Fedorov, Uktraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation.

The document reads;

Dear Mr. Luca Miatton!

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine (hereinafter – Mincyfry) has analyzed your request (petition) regarding the information of “21” April 2021 and informs you.

The Government of Ukraine is interested in cooperating with your company, as it was one of the first in the cryptocurrency market to take the initiative to carry out a formal systemic activity specialized in existing domestic legislation, which is being consistently adopted and implemented.

After defining the rules for taxing cryptocurrency transactions, we will have the opportunity to legalize cryptocurrency and launch one of the most innovative areas of the world economy and start cooperation with ONELIFE on the introduction of OneCoin cryptocurrency in the legal financial field in Ukraine.

In order for the rules provided by law to work, it is necessary for the providers of virtual asset services related to the movement of virtual assets to work and to create a register in the legal field and to apply the AML rules to them.

Thus, Ukrainian government and financial institutions are currently working on the tasks described above and the adoption of relevant legal acts and the recognition of OneCoin as a financial asset in Ukraine (a virtual asset guaranteed by financial instruments), namely the formal conclusion of memorandum, agreements, contracts.

To ensure this goal, working groups are set up under our ministry, thematic debates and public hearings are organized. We invite the representatives of your company to cooperate in the planning of the legal framework within the limits of ensuring the legislative regulation of the interests of the cryptocurrency market.


First Secretary of State

Oleksii Vyskub

The letter is dated April 28th, 2021.

Just shy of a month later, the Ukraine government claims the letter quoted from above is fake.

We would like to inform you that the Government of Ukraine has not announced cooperation with ONELIFE and the introduction of the cryptocurrency OneCoin in Ukraine.

All the information contained in the letter posted on the Internet is such that it does not correspond to the real state of affairs.

The statement was issued in response to an inquiry letter, sent to the Ukrainian government by Bykvu, a Ukrainian news outlet.

The ministry also stressed that fraudsters from OneCoin are using a fake letter allegedly signed by First Deputy Minister Oleksiy Vyskub .

The Ministry of Finance added that this letter was not signed by the said official and was not sent to anyone.

“The relevant statement on the dissemination of false information in the network has already been sent to law enforcement agencies,” the Ministry of Finance added.

Whether any heads roll as a result of the deception remains to be seen.

Certainly if I was in charge of investigating the matter, I’d be seeking interrogation of Luca Miatton and Lidiia Koteliak.

Luca Miatton is a OneCoin “leader” from Italy. According to her Facebook profile, Lidiia Koteliak resides in Lviv, Ukraine.

Also while the Ukraine government might write off Miatton’s Ministry of Digital Transformation letter as fake, there’s no denying representatives with the Ukraine government met Miatton and Koteliak late last year.

The specifics of how that meeting was set up and what exactly was discussed are also probably worth looking into.


Update 9th June 2021 – OneCoin corporate has distanced itself from the fake Ukrainian government deal.

Newly appointed ONE Ecosystem Corporate Coordinator has stated Luca Miatton’s OneCoin account has been frozen.