TranzactCard has allegedly been breached.

As per a January 28th post on BreachForums, a new user going by “Aleksey_Petrov” is selling 48,000 credit card numbers submitted to TranzactCard.

At time of publication the TranzactCard breach remains unconfirmed. “Aleksey_Petrov” however claims to have obtained details connected to ~32,000 TranzactCard accounts.

These include email addresses, user names (DBOs and customers), card details, purchased gift card details, phone numbers, passwords, IP addresses and “many more”.

TranzactCard’s (now likely changed) backend database and website login credentials are also included with the sale.

Across the 32,000 TranzactCard accounts breached, “Aleksey_Petrov” claims to have ~48,000 credit card numbers with CVV.

An unverified sample of the breached data has been posted to JustPaste.

At time of publication there have been no public announcements from TranzactCard acknowledging the breach.

TranzactCard hasn’t published a press-release on its website since October 2023. The last post on TranzactCard’s official FaceBook page is dated January 23rd.

TranzactCard’s website linked official Twitter profile doesn’t exist.