Despite denials by distributors, evidence suggests FinMore is literally a copy and paste reboot of TranzactCard.

So far I’ve heard two cover-ups with respect to FinMore just being TranzactCard “we needed a new name to dupe banks” 2.0.

Shortly after BehindMLM covered TranzactCard’s collapse, we had a distributor claim FinMore was a “merger”.

I’m not seeing anything that suggests TranzactCard collapsed. This is a merger with an entirely different company.

FinMore’s website domain registration was last updated on January 31st 2024. We can see through the WayBack machine that the domain has been for sale for a few years prior.

Long story short, FinMore didn’t exist until about a week ago so pretending it was some existing third-party entity that merged with TranzactCard is silly.

The second cover-up came from Randy Schroeder, who claims FinMore is “licensing technology” from TranzactCard.

Following the FinMore reveal, Schroeder held a livestream to explain the reboot as he understood it.

After confirming Richard Smith lied about TranzactCard, and “owning” that he parroted those lies…

[1:48] It is absolutely the fact that [Richard Smith] said some things which I then repeated [which] wound up not being accurate, I own that. I don’t blame Richard for that.

[3:01] “But Randy you told me that I could go out there and get thirty-nine accounts. And as a result of getting thirty-nine accounts I could make $150,000 a year in the bonus pool.”

“Randy, you told me I only had to become a Manager and that only meant I had to be a DBO and enroll three people who did the same, and that would make me $6000 a year.”

I cannot tell you how much I wish that this picture had been an accurate and true and correct picture.

We now know, as an entire organization, this is not an accurate and correct and true picture.

We also know that the gentleman who delivered this picture … the person who crafted this message that wound up not being a valid message, the person that crafted the message “we will have a hundred million cards in people’s hands by the end of the first quarter in the influencer program”, all, literally all of the things that were said wound up not being 100% accurate, were said by a person who is no longer part of our company.

In fact was never a part of FinMore.

…Schroeder trotted out his licensing explanation.

[4:55] What exactly and specifically has occurred, so you all know, is there has been a licensing of technology.

So over here we have a company that is called TranzactCard. TranzactCard continues to exist, it needs to continue to exist. Why?

Because if TranzactCard does not continue to exist, then it would be far too easy and in fact logical to say, “Well FinMore is just TranzactCard with a different name”.

And if FinMore is just TranzactCard with a different name, and the primary person who is responsible for the misinformation that led us to a point of … a great deal of concern and misunderstanding, there had to be a complete total and absolute break between these two companies.

And so no, FinMore is not simply a rebranding of TranzactCard.

The immediate problem with Schroeder’s “licensing” explanation is that who then owns FinMore hasn’t been publicly disclosed.

TranzactCard downlines being preserved and carried over seamlessly into FinMore also raises questions.

For Richard Smith to not be involved in FinMore presumably the TranzactCard DBO database was sold to persons unknown. Firstly why are they unknown, and secondly why did this happen without consent of TranzactCard’s DBOs?

Alternatively if FinMore is in fact “just TranzactCard with a different name”, stating otherwise is a continuation of the admitted deception Smith started when TranzactCard launched.

As it stands there is absolutely nothing to suggest a licensing agreement between TranzactCard and FinMore. This starts with who owns FinMore and public acknowledgement of a licensing contract between Richard Smith and a third-party.

If this includes DBO personal details, acknowledging and disclosing this information is crucial.

With respect to FinMore being “just TranzactCard with a different name”, compelling evidence exists to make that case.

Presently, signing up as a FinMore FBO presents a very familiar TranzactCard branded form:

If FinMore is a completely seperate (albeit new) company that has nothing to do with TranzactCard, why is this the case?

“Because FinMore is licensing TranzactCard’s tech you jackass!”

Oh, right. Well then how come there’s references to TranzactCard’s Policies and Procedures in FinMore’s website source-code, backdated to September 2023? 

(click to enlarge):

I think it’s pretty obvious, even down to the website code, that FinMore is “just TranzactCard with a different name”. This is literal copy and paste with different branding.

Why does that matter? The whole reason FinMore was created was to pretend Richard Smith doesn’t own the company so that US banks can be duped into providing TranzactCard/FinMore financial services.

Without said services, TranzactCard DBOs who signed up for $495 have been absolutely bait and switched.

Pending FinMore disclosing who owns it or a licensing agreement with named parties turning up, we’ll keep you posted.


Update 13th April 2024 – FinMore has collapsed.