A directory on TranzactCard’s website suggests its Z-Store is stocked with Walmart products.

As opposed to an actual ecommerce competitor (Amazon, eBay etc.), this would make TranzactCard nothing more than a Walmart affiliate.

The TranzactCard website directory in question can be found at “tranzactcard.com/account/uploads/imports”:

What you’re looking at are a bunch of CSV databases, populated with product information, details and pricing from Walmart.

I doubt these files are currently active, with TranzactCard more likely to be using Walmart’s API system:

To be clear, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a Walmart affiliate or using their API system – anyone can sign up for free.

From a due-diligence perspective this isn’t how TranzactCard pitched Z-Club. That TranzactCard is just a Walmart affiliate is information that has been hidden from consumers.

Z-Club did launch during TranzactCard’s November 12th-14th launch. The website was quickly pulled down however.

In a subsequent TranzactCard corporate update, unspecified “technical delays” was the provided reason.

Personally what I’m still unclear on is how TranzactCard is going to fund Z-Bucks.

Every time you spend $1 using your TranzactCard, earn a matching Z-Buck.

Z-Bucks can be spent in Z-Club making everything – from everyday items to vacation packages – more affordable.

Walmart certainly isn’t going to eat the loss, and transaction fees alone are nowhere enough to funds Z-Bucks. The only other known revenue stream TranzactCard has is customer and member fees.

I suspect if Z-Club’s website was left online and purchases were being processed, TranzactCard membership fee revenue would be depleted pretty fast. This is why the site was pulled.

Unfortunately Z-Buck funding remains unclear, because TranzactCard fails to disclose this information to consumers. I’ve previously written about TranzactCard’s disclosure failures being potential violations of the FTC Act.