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Mining City securities fraud warning from Cyprus

Mining City has received a securities fraud warning from Cyprus. Mining City was one of eleven fraudulent investment schemes cited in a February 22nd warning from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Exeno Review: Greg Rogowski’s new crypto Ponzi?

Exeno operates in the cryptocurrency MLM niche. The company launched in late 2020 as part of the Mining City Ponzi scheme. is an innovative global e-commerce for a rapidly growing group of customers. It enables purchasing all goods with cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BTCV). BTCV refers to Bitcoin Vault, a Ponzi shitcoin launched by Mining [Continue reading…]

Eyal Avramovich merges failed Mining City Ponzi with iMine

Eyal Avramovich has officially merged his failed Mining City Ponzi scheme with iMine.

Bitcoin Vault securities fraud warning from the UK

Bitcoin Vault has received a securities fraud warning from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. As per the FCA’s August 26th Bitcoin Vault warning;

Mining City introduces withdrawal restrictions (iMine spinoff?)

Having unofficially collapsed in December 2020 with the launch of Electric Cash and subsequent failed shitcoins, Mining City has now officially collapsed. As per an email sent out by CEO Greg Rogowski, Mining City has implemented withdrawal restrictions.

Eyal Avramovich fronts angry Mining City investors in webinar

It’s not hard. “Recruitment slowed down. We ran out of money and unless you go out and lure new suckers in, we can’t pay you.” Despite dragging Mining City through multiple exit-scams, owner Eyal Avramovich refuses to admit his Ponzi scheme has collapsed. Investors continue to be left hanging, with future withdrawals the ever perpetually [Continue reading…]

Mining City claims 20,000 affiliates now able to withdraw

Mining City is claiming 20,000 affiliates have regained access to withdrawals. Firstly I’d be surprised if Mining City actually had 20,000 active investors left. Secondly Mining City’s social media accounts remain flooded with claims of withdrawal problems. The claim that 20,000 Mining City investors are able to withdraw doesn’t add up.

Mining City’s exit-scam gets worse, new wELCASH launch

Back in October Mining City initiated its exit-scam by blocking withdrawals via KYC. As revealed in a new communication sent out to affiliate investors, Mining City’s exit-scam just got worse…

Mining City disables withdrawals, initiates KYC exit-scam

Mining City has disabled affiliate withdrawals. Starting October 16th, Mining City will only allow affiliates who’ve completed KYC to withdraw.

Crypto Expo Dubai 2021: Celebrating MLM Ponzi scammers

Dubai’s status as the epicenter of MLM crypto scams has plunged to a new low. The emirate is now hosting conventions that celebrate financial fraud.