Eyal Avramovich has officially merged his failed Mining City Ponzi scheme with iMine.

On October 6th, Mining City investors were sent an email informing them of a “strategic alliance” with iMine.

Dear Mining City Users,

We are proud to announce a strategic alliance of Mining City, MineBest, and iMine! Together we grow!

The most important factor of this strategic alliance is our new partnership with iMine. iMine is a fully interactive digital mining platform for individuals & businesses.

Within our cooperation, we will invite the Mining City community to take part in an exciting new journey with iMine, of interactive, intelligent, and international mining, all in conjunction with a scalable, sustainable and secure network marketing model.

iMine is a clone of Mining City, initially targeted as investors in south-east Asia.

Despite Avramovich (right) owning both Mining City and iMine, Avramovich continues to pretend they are independent companies.

During the transitional period of time for Mining City, the company will provide technology and consultancy-based services to several other Network Marketing and cloud mining companies in order to ensure continuity of stable revenue streaming to finance the operational costs involved with the transition of the business to fully comply to new regulations.

This type of cooperation will eventually benefit current Mining City customers, having a peace of mind that Mining City will have additional revenue streams for covering operational costs, providing customer support, and costs of all legal and technical work needed to adapt the business to the new regulations.

Because Avramovich refuses to acknowledge he owns Mining City and iMine, the email dances around them being the same Ponzi scheme.

Please do not see iMine, or other companies we may work in the future with, as a rival competitor of Mining City, but rather a company with similar offers of which we are confident will be beneficial for the Mining City community, of which we also plan to prepare similar offers for side-by-side with our partner.

iMine already offers a dynamic and competitive pricing model of their Hash Power Packages, partly similar to those of our Mining Plans, according to market conditions, and a truly global mining experience offered by our mutual partner of MineBest, which currently enables them to receive Bitcoin mining rewards coming from new facilities in South America and Central Asia, and much, much more!

With regards to the other member of our Strategic Alliance, as you know, MineBest has always been a strategic partner of Mining City, offering our international community a world-class mining experience unparalleled in the industry.

MineBest is the parent company Avramovich runs his Ponzi scheme through.

To avoid investor backlash (Avramovich’s victims asking for their money back), both Mining City’s and iMine’s previously open social media accounts have been locked down to replies.

iMine surfaced as a reboot of Mining City a few months ago.

Mining City CEO Greg Rogowski, a former employee of Avramovich’s, has cashed out and disappeared. iMine is headed up by puppet CEO Jorge Mesquita.

As per Mesquita’s LinkedIn profile, he’s based out of Portugal. Following roles in IT, advertising and consulting, Mesquita reinvented himself as a blockchain bro in or around 2016.

Avramovich and Rogowski ran the Mining City Ponzi scheme from Poland. Despite investor losses likely being substantial, to date Polish authorities have taken no action against Mining City or Avramovich.

I’ve heard rumors Avramovich has fled to Dubai but have thus far been unable to verify.

Thus far iMine has failed to gain any traction. SimilarWeb reports negligible website traffic over the past few months.

This is not surprising as all that’s left of Mining City is angry investors.

Unless Avramovich finds new unsuspecting victims soon, iMine is likely to follow Mining City’s drawn out exit-scam.