LaCore Enterprises owner Terry LaCore has sold Pruvit back to himself.

Corporate restructuring is one thing but a June 18th press-release put out by Pruvit is highly misleading.

Titled “Pruvit Founders Lead Company Buyback: Company to Revert to 100% Founder Ownership in $107 Million Transaction”, Pruvit’s latest press-release reads;

In a significant move marking a new chapter for Prüvit, the original founders, Brian Underwood, Chris Harding, and Terry LaCore, have approved the reacquisition of the company.

Prüvit will continue to be supported by the LaCore ecosystem, bringing with it capabilities, expertise, and capital to grow Prüvit to its full potential.

Who sold what to who isn’t specifically clarified but the implication is Pruvit’s current owner sold the company back to its co-founders.

Here’s the problem with that;

Pruvit launched in 2015 as a LaCore Enterprises MLM company. In BehindMLM’s published June 2015 Pruvit review, I noted corporate records cited Terry Lacore, Brian Underwood and Chris Harding as Directors of the company.

So here we are nine years later, and Pruvit’s founding Directors are selling the company back to… themselves?

There might be a financial reason for this announcement (no idea where the $107 million factors in), but from a PR marketing standpoint – what a completely pointless and misleading announcement to make.

A June 2023 legal spat between Underwood and former Pruvit top promoter Michael Rutherford, revealed a corporate pay suspension and “recent dramatic decrease” in distributor commissions.

As of May 2024, SimilarWeb tracked just 34,000 monthly visits to Pruvit’s website. This is up slightly from an even worse ~30,900 monthly visits for April.

Reading between the lines, I’m assuming Pruvit’s ongoing financial troubles are behind whatever this latest corporate restructuring is.

That is probably should be explained in Pruvit’s latest press-release. Instead we have this “we sold the company to ourselves” nonsense.