Modere has abandoned its lawsuit against three Frequense cross-recruiters.

Modere filed a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal on June 27th. The court accepted the notice and terminated Modere’s case on July 2nd.

Amber DeLoof, Brynn Lang and Marina Simone are former Modere distributors who, upon leaving the company, joined Frequense and began cross-recruiting.

Modere filed suit on March 22nd and, as part of their litigation, sought a Temporary Restraining Order and preliminary injunction.

In a decision handed down in late May, the court found that, while Modere was likely to prevail on the merits of its case, DeLoof, Lang and Simone were cross-recruiting through their respective corporate entities (shell companies).

Modere allowed DeLoof, Land and Simone to¬†sign up to Modere through their shell companies. The court thus denied Modere’s TRO and injunction, on the basis only the shell companies were liable.

It seems having realized they’d shot themselves in the foot by allowing shell companies to sign up as distributors, Modere had no appetite to continue the case.

Frequense, a LaCore Enterprises company, doesn’t appear to have taken any action to prevent continued cross-recruitment. At least not publicly.