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Lozano v. Pruvit goes through messy motion to dismiss

Deanna Lozano’s lawsuit against Pruvit has survived a messy motion to dismiss. Of the eight claims in Lozano’s lawsuit, Pruvit’s motion to dismiss claims 2 to 8 were denied. Pruvit’s motion to dismiss Lozano’s claim for injunctive relief was also denied.

MLM companies receive COVID-19 warnings from FTC

The FTC has warned ten MLM companies over false COVID-19 marketing claims. Claims made by the companies and their distributors specifically pertain to preventing and treatment of COVID-19. Warning letters were sent out by the FTC to the following MLM companies on April 24th:

Pruvit encourages loyalty for years with bonus, then doesn’t pay out

In an MLM compensation plan, typically the most difficult bonuses to qualify for are those that payout periodically. Initial qualification can be steep but also once qualified for, qualification is typically often required be maintained over a period of time. Worse still, even when qualified for, there’s pretty much nothing stopping a company quietly dropping [Continue reading…]

ForeverGreen’s requested injunction against Pruvit denied

Back in September last year, Pruvit sued ForeverGreen for breach of contract and fraud. For those unfamiliar with the backstory behind the lawsuit, here’s a brief summary: In early 2013, Axcess Global approached ForeverGreen to jointly develop a ketosis supplement, KetonX. Defendants (Axcess Global and ForeverGreen) expended time and money on research, product development, and [Continue reading…]

ForeverGreen take “high road” in Pruvit lawsuit

Last month we covered breaking news on Pruvit’s lawsuit against ForeverGreen. At the center of the dispute is Axcess Global Sciences’ ketone technology. The gist of Pruvits lawsuit alleges that Pruvit were first to sign a licensing deal with Axcess. Axcess management then sniffed out a better deal with ForeverGreen, and then sought to strike [Continue reading…]

Pruvit sue ForeverGreen for breach of contract & fraud

There’s trouble brewing in the “look at my pee!” ketone MLM niche… At the center of the controversy are Pruvit,¬†ForeverGreen and non-MLM entity,¬†Axcess¬†Global Sciences. On August 24th, Pruvit filed a lawsuit against ForeverGreen and Axcess Global, accusing them of breach of contract, fraud.

Pruvit VIP Launch Review: Ketone supplements & Rippln?

Currently there is no information on the Pruvit website indicating who owns or runs the business. The Pruvit website domain itself (“”) was first registered in 2013, with the registration recently updated on March 28th, 2015. Jenifer Grace is listed as the domain owner, with the address in Kentucky provided belonging to bHip Global. bHip [Continue reading…]