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Snap Innovations seeks distance from Torque Trading Ponzi

I received an email this morning from SP Ting, seeking to distance Snap Innovations from Torque Trading. This promoted me to ask… who is Snap Innovations?

Cloud Token still stringing victims along with new website

After losing their original website domain because reasons, the Cloud Token scammers have returned with a new domain. Cloud Token’s new website domain (“”), was privately registered in May 2020. The new website however only went live recently, as per a February 11th announcement.

Cloud Token collapse due to hackers, COVID-19 & authorities

Cloud Token collapsed during October of last year. Rather than just admit the company’s withdrawals exceeded investment and collapsed, admin Ronald Aai has been stringing investors along for months. After deleting his social media profiles and disappearing earlier this year, Aai has appeared in a new video update. Instead of just admitting Cloud Token was [Continue reading…]

Cloud Token lets investors leave but refuses to pay them

Cloud Token collapsed last October when it stopped paying returns out. Since then you have the familiar post Ponzi mess of “leaders” stringing along those they convinced to invest, lest they turn on them. Ronald Ai, Cloud Token’s only admin, nuked his public social media profiles on December 1st, 2019. He is currently believed to [Continue reading…]

Ronald Aai reveals Cloud Token “no withdrawals” exit-scam

Cloud Token is gearing up to pull a bait and switch on its investors. The “we use trading revenue to pay investors” facade is being replaced by a mandatory SIM card service – although official details have yet to be released. Instead we have Ronald Aai appearing in a private webinar with top Cloud Token [Continue reading…]

Cloud Token withdrawal delays (1 month+), leaders fighting

Uneasy alliances forged with the common goal of fleecing Cloud Token investors are coming to an end. Cloud Token withdrawals have been suspended for a month or more in some instances. Company support is MIA, reports of selective withdrawal payments are emerging and affiliates are getting restless. Cloud Token’s top “C4” recruiters are buckling under [Continue reading…]

Cloud Token, WoToken fraud investigations in BC Canada

Cloud Token and WoToken are both under investigation by the British Columbia Securities Commission.

Cloud Token launches Rogue unlicensed lottery

Cloud Token has started branding itself as “Cloud 2.0”. As part of that branding effort, the company has recently launched “Rogue”. Attempting to clear up confusion among affiliates as to what Rogue is, Cloud Token admin (and suspected co-owner), Ronald Aai, took to Facebook earlier today to explain.

Cloud Token securities fraud warning issued in Mauritius

Mauritius’ Financial Services Commission has issued a securities fraud warning against Cloud Token. In their warning the FSC singles out Cloud Token affiliates promoting the investment opportunity through social media. The groups “Cloud Token Mauritius” and”Cloud Token Indian Ocean and Africa” are singled out by name.

Cloud Token drops investment terminology, pseudo-compliance ahoy

As the most prominent app wallet Ponzi scheme on the market, it’s only a matter of time before Cloud Token attracts regulatory attention. Evidently fully aware of this, Cloud Token has begun to embrace pseudo-compliance.