Cloud Token is gearing up to pull a bait and switch on its investors.

The “we use trading revenue to pay investors” facade is being replaced by a mandatory SIM card service – although official details have yet to be released.

Instead we have Ronald Aai appearing in a private webinar with top Cloud Token recruiters.

The Cloud SIM service, as it’s called, isn’t really worth getting into. Nobody other than leaders desperate to appease their downlines are interested in it.

And why would they be? It’s not why they invested in Cloud Token.

Pretty early on in the webinar Ronald Aai (right) confirms that whenever this “Cloud 2.0” change happens, company-funded withdrawals are discontinued.

When we actually move on to this … you can’t do conversions within the wallet itself.

Instead withdrawals will be processed through “Ribbons”, which Aai claims is a third-party company.

Ribbons doesn’t exist yet and despite Aai’s claim, appears to be a shell company set up by Cloud Token (I couldn’t find any mention of the company outside of “coming soon” Cloud Token marketing).

The difference between Cloud Token paying out withdrawal requests and Ribbons, is this:

So basically what happens is … when you actually click on “convert”, it sends you out to the OTC (Ribbons), whereby you will be putting up an order for sale.

And the other members when they click on the pop up button for their Cloud SIMs, they will go to OTC to check where they can buy from.

Instead of Cloud Token using previously invested funds to pay returns, Cloud 2.0 will see only new investors funding withdrawal requests.

This is crucial, as it’s pretty obvious Cloud Token has run its course as far as new investment goes.

Another crucial difference is whereas Cloud Token has up till now manipulated the internal CTO value as they see fit, going forward CTO’s value will be set by affiliates trading on Ribbons.

You know what this means…

A ton of sell orders, no buyers, $0 value and that’s all she wrote. This is the public exchange exit-scam model.

And although Cloud Token is creating it’s own exchange that isn’t quite public, it’s close enough.

Aai does mention something about Cloud Token paying out some “below value” buy orders, but this doesn’t make any sense.

Surely whatever the lowest sell order value is on Ribbons is the current actual CTO value (i.e. the inevitable race to $0).

At the end of the day Cloud Token investors were sold on the notion they could invest in CTO, Cloud Token would increase the value of CTO, give investors more CTO for investing and eventually they could withdraw.

As evidenced by over a month of withdrawal problems, that’s gone out the window.

And now you have “Cloud SIM” data tokens pseudo-compliance that nobody cares about.

If you’re wondering why Cloud Token investors aren’t rioting yet. It’s because Ronald Aai continues to be cryptic about these key points.

Today is the first time he’s addressed withdrawal problems, and it was done in a private non-corporate webinar.

God forbid Cloud Token just come clean;

“Hey, thanks for the money but we don’t want to pay withdrawal requests anymore. You’re all screwed.”