Following a petition filed by a Pretrial Services Officer, a court has altered Joby Weeks’ release conditions to be “more restrictive”.

As per the court’s March 26th order, Weeks (right)

  • will remain released on a $2 million bond, co-signed by Silence and Nathaniel Weeks;
  • is restricted to travelling in Colorado and New Jersey for legal matters;
  • is subject to 24/7 home incarceration with 24/7 GPS monitoring;
  • is not allowed access to a computer or “connected device”;
  • is allowed to have a phone but not a smart phone or one with internet access;
  • remains barred from promoting MLM crypto schemes;
  • will be subject to substance abuse evaluation, substance abuse testing and/or treatment as directed by Pretrial Services; and
  • is ordered to “abstain from alcohol use”

Weeks had requested parents Silence and Nathaniel be removed as third-party custodians in the lead up to the order. The court has declined the request.

I don’t know the extent Weeks was violating his release conditions (I’ve heard reports he was out partying all the time), but the court’s order makes it clear whatever liberties Weeks was taking is now over.

Defendant’s third party custodians Silence Weeks and Nathaniel Weeks are directed to attempt to locate and take possession of the smartphones defendant is shown to be using and the laptop defendant is shown to be suing in the materials provided by Pretrial Services.

They are also directed to search their … residence and take possession of any smart phones or computers other than their personal computers and phones.

Defendants shall turn over any such devices they have taken possession of to Pretrial Services upon request.

To remove any doubt as to the intention of this provision, defendant [Weeks] will have no access to any smartphone or computer in [his parent’s] residence.

Weeks has been cut off.

Following a guilty plea entered in 2020, Weeks is currently scheduled to be sentenced on September 19th, 2024.