BitClub Network scammer Joby Weeks has had his bail conditions downgraded back to home incarceration.

A February 22nd petition filed by a Pretrial Services Officer requested the change, pending an also requested bail review hearing.

Unfortunately while the PSO’s petition cited an “attached addendum”, presumably going into why the PSO has requested a hearing, the addendum doesn’t appear on the Weeks’ case docket.

The petition itself however notes one of the first things Weeks (right) did upon being granted bail, was to violate the granted bail conditions.

[Weeks] proceeded to a steakhouse following his release on bail and arrival in Denver; contrary to the restrictions the Court imposed under home incarceration.

Upon being granted bail, Weeks was released to the custody of parents Nathaniel and Silence Weeks, and wife Stephanie Weeks.

The petition notes Stephanie Weeks, was “removed as [a] third-party custodian” on October 31st, 2023

This development followed news of Joby abandoning his wife following a stage 4 cancer diagnosis.

It’s unclear whether Joby and Stephanie Weeks have since divorced. Stephanie now goes by “Stephanie Stolba” on social media.

The last update noted in the PSO’s petition is a January 25th proposed order, requesting a lien on the property Joby secured bail with be removed. Joby also requested his parents be removed as third-party custodians. Not sure what the story is there.

As at time of publication, a decision on that motion remains pending. The court meanwhile has scheduled the requested bail review hearing for March 21st, 2024.

In related news, sentencing for the BitClub defendants was also postponed earlier this month.

New dates for each of the defendants are now:

  • Joby Weeks – 19th September, 2024
  • Joe Abel – 18th September, 2024
  • Silviu Balaci – 24th September 2024

The delay likely has to do with processing of discovery in fellow defendant Matthew Goettsche’s case.

As per a January 30th, 2024 order, Goettsche’s case has been continued through March 29th.

Following a not guilty plea entered back in 2019, Goettsche remains scheduled to face trial pending resolution of ongoing discovery issues.


Update 9th April 2024 – Matt Goettsche’s case has been continued again till May 31st.


Update 10th April 2024 – A court has modified Joby Weeks’ release conditions to be “more restrictive”.