The Beurax Ponzi scheme has collapsed, following an announcement that withdrawals are suspended effective immediately.

Rather than just admit it’s a Ponzi scheme that ran out of money, here’s how Beurax frames the reason for its collapse:

Due to the very high level of activity and the huge number of transactions performed on replenishing and withdrawals of funds by clients, we needed to reconfigure and optimize the system that is responsible for automating these processes.

We have developed a special strategy that will allow us to solve the current situation this will bring significant profit to each client of the company!

In order to unload the system and allow it to be quickly configured and optimized for further operation under high load conditions, all created withdrawal requests will be canceled and the funds will be returned to the main customer balance.

To entice investors to throw more money after the bad, Beurax is promising double referral commissions throughout March.

This is similar to what Wiseling offered during its prolonged exit-scam.

Wiseling and Beurax are both Russian Ponzi schemes that utilized actors to represent company executives. Whether there is any relation between the two scams is unknown.

As opposed to using Xenia Berelet to play Susan Pope and break the news, Wiseling informed investors of its collapse via a message on its website.

Whether Berelet will make any further appearances as Pope is unclear. More than likely she’ll just disappear like the actor playing CEO Brandon Watts did last year.

Pending any further updates out of Moscow, we’ll keep you posted.


Update 9th March 2021 – As of March 9th Beurax’s website has been pulled offline.

We’re assuming that, pending any further updates, this means the exit-scam is complete.