BehindMLM can confirm the current face of Beurax, CMO Susan Pope, is a Russian actor.

We suspected as much anyway but here’s the proof…

“Susan Pope” is actually Xenia Berelet (aka Ksenia Berelet, lit: Ксения Берелет).

She’s is a twenty-eight year old actor based out of Moscow.

Berelet is a 2020 graduate of the Konstantin Raikin Graduate School of Performing Arts (VSHSI Konstantin Raikin). She can speak Russian, English and French (with a dictionary).

Before signing on as the face of a Ponzi scheme, Berelet made appearances on stage, TV and short films.

There are no uninteresting people in the world! My dream is to play a young peasant woman and mother nature.

I love the classic absurdity. I want to do a horror movie when the character is looking into the darkness (or out of it).

2020 saw Berelet mostly take on advertising roles. Here’s one of the last appearances she made.

Then came Beurax…

Berelet was hired by the scammers behind Beurax to replace the actor playing Brandon Watts.

Watts was credited as Beurax’s founder and CEO. He is also believed to be a Russian actor.

Berelet and the actor playing Watts appeared on one video together. A few weeks later all videos featuring Watts on Beurax’s YouTube channel were deleted.

Berelet, as Susan Pope, has committed herself to being the face of Beurax for about 4 months.

Beurax is a Russian Ponzi scheme that launched mid 2020. On its website Beurax falsely represents it is based out of Canberra, Australia.

At the time of publication Alexa ranks the top sources of traffic to Beurax’s website as the US, South Africa and Canada.

Both Canada and South African authorities have issued regulatory warnings against Beurax. Thus far there has been no public action from the US.


Update 1st March 2021 – Beurax CEO Brandon Watts has been outed as a Russian model.


Update 2nd March 2021 – Beurax has collapsed.