Following on from Beurax’s CMO being outed as a Russian actor from Moscow, CEO Brandon Watts has also been outed as a Russian model.

When Beurax surfaced in mid 2020 it was fronted by CEO Brandon Watts.

Watts appeared in a few initial Beurax marketing videos. His last appearance was a November 2020 video featuring an awkward exchange with Susan Pope.

A few weeks after this video was uploaded to Beurax’s official YouTube channel, it was deleted along with all previously available footage of Watts.

From that point on Susan Pope replaced Brandon Watts as the public face of Beurax. Why Watts abruptly disappeared was never revealed.

Unlike Pope, who we know is played by Xenia Berelet, we don’t have a name for the actor who played Brandon Watts.

What we do know is prior to his brief stint as CEO of Beurax, the actor playing Watts worked as a model:

Vester 2013 manufactured a range of occupational clothing lines. The Watts actor appeared in one of their catalogs.

The company has a functioning website but according to Google Vester 2013 is “permanently closed”.

All we know about the company is it was launched in 2013. The date of the photos the actor playing Watts appears in is unknown.

Not surprisingly, Vester 2013 is/was based out of Moscow, the same city the actor playing Susan Pope is based out of.

Despite the scammers running Beurax representing they are based out of Canberra, Australia, all signs point to Moscow, Russia.


Update 2nd March 2021 – Beurax has collapsed.


Update 19th April 2021 – Beurax has deleted their YouTube channel. Consequently I’ve had to remove any video links from their channel.