In the wake of Beurax’s collapse and widespread investor losses, two prominent ringleaders have tried to make sense of it.

The result is a hilarious stream of excuses and contradictory denials.

Silvio Fortunato (below) runs MSI Masters, a collective he pushes scams onto.

A quick Google search reveals Fortunato’s involvement in GetEasy, a Portuguese Ponzi scheme launched in 2014. No doubt there are plenty more.

Current scams Fortunato is pushing through MSI Masters include Forsage and Fortron.

Fortunato claims to have “26 six years experience in this”. By “this” we assume Fortunato is referring to scamming people.

Fortunato’s latest squeeze is Beurax.

Beurax is a Russian Ponzi scheme fronted by actors. It collapsed a few days ago.

The reason Beurax was fronted by actors is because the scammers running it wanted to create as much distance between themselves and their investors.

It’s much easier to slip away when your victims don’t who you are.

As simple as that explanation is, here’s Fortunato dancing around the obvious;

The CEO of the company and the CMO of the company, they are actors.

There is two ways of seeing this;

First in the beginning when I see some blogs that says that the owner of the company is an actor and so on. Well, I don’t know if he’s an actor or not. OK.

But later there was people that really really investigated … and they proved, I think, they can prove very fairly that these two persons are actors.

The first way (to see this) is they prepare this from the beginning, to run away with the money. And uh, to rob us. (Ozedit: ding ding ding!).

That’s one way.

The second way is that if we really think about it (Ozedit: ruhroh…), if I was in their shoes maybe I will do the same thing.

Because this type of business, nowadays technology evolves so much, crypto, and all these kind of things are so fast … that it’s really difficult for all the governments in the world to keep up.

While it is true regulators are painfully slow when it comes to enforcement, the law on Ponzi schemes like Beurax is clear the world over; they are illegal.

The technology, the business models are running so fast, it’s really impossible for all the governments and legislations.

So imagine guys like these ones, that make and circulate millions and millions of dollars, to have this structure all over the world.

Even if they try to do everything by every country’s laws, it will be completely impossible to put this in place.

So they get a risk to run this business and some crazy Judge in some crazy country can start doing something, you know what I mean?

I do know what you mean Fortunato. How dare authorities shut down Ponzi scammers laundering millions and millions from across the world.

Who do they think they are?

So they have to be protected. Because this is not a local business. You know what I mean?

Not really.

So I think the intention that they done, to have not showing their faces – I can easily give the benefit of the doubt that they must be protected, and they want to be protected, OK?

I don’t really feel bad if they put actors on that because this (is a) very sensitive business.

And if they support us, if the support runs really well, if they solve all the problems, if they pays on time, if they do what they say, for me I don’t care if the CMO is … what is the name… uh, I don’t fucking care.

Hilariously, Beurax isn’t doing any of the things Fortunato rattles off.

I’m worried, of course that I’m worried. I think everybody’s worried. Yeah? Of course.

But basically I see things with positivity and uh after one of April I think everything is, it will be good.

Beurax opting to string gullible investors along till April Fool’s couldn’t be any more perfect.

At this point Fortunato hands things over to his partner in crime, Paulo Barroso.

Barroso (right) promotes Ponzi schemes through his “Crypto Cartel” group.

This first thing Barroso does is proclaim this isn’t the first Ponzi scheme he’s lost money in.

I’ve been in a company three years ago … it’s start with a “US” and ends in “tech”.

Barroso is referring to USI-Tech. A Ponzi scheme not that dissimilar to Beurax.

I’ve met the owners of that company. I sat down with them. I had dinner with them. I broke bread with them.

They patted me on the back (and) said, “You’re a great marketer. We’re gonna take this company to the moon.”

They dined me and whatever, and guess what?

They took my money. They took everyone’s money.

This is knowing the owners in the flesh. I saw them with my own eyes.

Other than demonstrating Barroso has a long history of involvement in Ponzi schemes, not really sure what the point of that anecdote was.

Ponzi schemes steal people’s money because their Ponzi schemes. Whether you know who’s stealing your money or not is neither here nor there.

What not knowing who the owners are does do is make it more difficult for authorities to track scammers down.

It is completely outside of our control, so which side you want to be on.

Do you want to stress and think they’re gonna scam you, or do you wanna have a little hope and think they’re gonna pay us.

I mean yeah, why go through the horror of losing money to Ponzi scammers today when you can kick it down the road?

I’m gonna remain optimistic and think that there’s a a chance, there’s a good chance they they will pay.

Both Fortunato and Barroso fail to understand why Beurax’s owners decided to exit-scam when they did.

Fortunato: If I was in there shoes, and if I try to run away with money, I never ever do this in the momentum that we have.

Because we are growing so much that it’s nonsense to do this if they really want to run (away) with your money.

Barroso: They haven’t shut down shop. They haven’t.

The website is running … the bot is working again … they obviously had a few problems to solve – which they have now.

The Alexa ranking was 27,527 … do you guys wanna know what they are right now?

Eleven thousand.

Why on Earth, please explain this to me now, I’m putting myself in the mind of someone that is scamming others …

Not sure why that’s necessary considering Barroso is already scamming others…

… Why would I now run with everyone’s money when things are exploding?

My team is exploding. Silvio’s team is exploding. There are people’s teams exploding everywhere.

Loads of investors are coming in. Why? To me, I dunno. It would make no sense to shut it down now.

The concept of launching a Ponzi scheme, fattening it up and exit-scamming right at the peak seems hilariously lost on these two.

I was expecting, with the (Alexa) graph doing up, the number of team members, I’m talking from my team, duplicating like crazy, I was expecting this to be here for another six months to a year.

Now, it would make no sense at all for them to shut the doors now.

Despite there never being any evidence that Beurax used trading revenue of any kind to pay returns with, Barroso seems to think promises are a sign of legitimacy (and consequently demonstrates he learned nothing from USI-Tech).

The fact they’re putting our money in the fund at seven percent a day guys, seven percent a day, as the compensation for us not being able to withdraw our money, again it shows-

Some of you might think that’s BS. They’re just putting seven percent because they wanna steal your money. (Ozedit: ding ding ding!)

OK. Maybe.

Hey, which side do you wanna be on?

Do you wanna believe all those guys (at) BehindMLM, all those haters … that are eating popcorn right now, thinking that Beurax is going down?

(Ozedit: *munchmunchmunch* Yup.)

Is that the vibration. Really? Is that the energy that you want to have?

You know what? For some of you looking… cuz I know some of you are infiltrating this group just to watch the show, eat popcorn and wait for us to crash.

D’you know what? You are drinking poison my friend. You are drinking poison thinking that we are going to die.

It’s like drinking poison thinking you’re enemy is going to die.

Don’t even start me on karma.

Unfortunately Barossa doesn’t elaborate on karma. I’d love to hear what type of karma he thinks serial Ponzi promoters generate.

We understand how the world works. Look, we both have gray hairs. Okay?

We’re not little kids. We know what time it is. We know how things work.

We’ve done our due-diligence before we put our names in Beurax. We don’t do things very lightly.

Again, unfortunately Barossa doesn’t elaborate.

Considering Beurax was an obvious Ponzi scheme, I’d love to know what due-diligence and Uncle Fester did before investing.

Despite Beurax following the typical “stall while we create as much distance between you and your money” exit-scam routine, Barosso maintains he thinks there’s a “50/50 chance” he’ll get paid.

It’s outside our hands. It’s outside our control. The money that we invested, it’s outside our control.

What you wanna do with it? Do you wanna stress about it?

You wanna stress for twenty days? You’re gonna have a shit month.

I prefer to stay calm and give them, like Silvio said, the benefit of the doubt.

What if… what if it’s all true and we’re gonna get paid?

Being ringleaders who drag others along from Ponzi to Ponzi, no doubt Silvio Fortunato and Paulo Barosso will be fine.

The real tragedy here is their victims. Barosso claims one of his victims, a “guy from Dubai”, recently invested a million dollars into Beurax.

You know what he said to me?

“You know what Paulo, I understand business. I understand investments.

This was high-risk. You did not put a gun to my head, did you?”

I said, “No I did not.”

He said, “Even if I lose this money, we cool.”

As a reward for suckering people out of millions, Barosso reveals he’s still able to withdraw.

To maximize how much they do a runner with, Beurax is allowing recruiters to withdraw.

I was not the only one receiving withdrawals today. I was not the only person. Derek, you got yours right?

I was not the only person receiving withdrawals today. So don’t think we are trying to throw sand in your eyes, trying to hide shit.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this is the only reason Barossa is preaching calm.

Fortunato: I earned a lot of money. Paulo and a lot of people okay?

April 1st is roughly is just shy of four weeks away. Outside of Beurax leaders getting paid off, we’re not expecting much.

At best Beurax might section off whatever they take in over the next four weeks and hope this encourages more investment before pulling the plug again.

Or they’ll just leave things hanging as is.

Either way, math is math. The majority of Ponzi participants are guaranteed to lose money.


Update 6th March 2021 – Even more hilarious, within hours of this article going live Silvio Fortunato scrambled to take down the cited YouTube upload.


Update 7th March 2021 – Silvio Fortunato is now attempting to erase evidence of his promotion of Beurax.

We can’t imagine why Fortunato went from boasting about “making a lot of money” to covering his tracks in less than 24 hours.

Maybe one of his victims can fill us in?


Update 7th March 2021 #2 – Silvio Fortunato has now completely backflipped on his “positivity” towards Beurax.


Update 13th March 2021 – Paulo Barroso has dropped Beurax to promote the recently launched NRG smart-contract Ponzi scheme.

This likely means Silvio Fortunato is also promoting NRGY but I haven’t seen any confirmation yet.