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Stemtech sued for breach of contract by StemEnhance supplier

Cerule is an Oregon based “distributor of extracts from Blue-Green algae” (also known as Aphanizomenon flos-aquae or AFA). Cerule holds a number of patents regarding the use of AFA and AFA extracts, specifically known as “StemEnhance,” and the effect thereof on stem cells release, migration and overall physiology. Cerule first developed StemEnhance algae blends back [Continue reading…]

John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight exposes “pyramid scheme” MLMs

In line with the nature of Last Week Tonight, this is more of an entertainment piece as opposed to BehindMLM’s regular coverage. In the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, an Emmy award-winning weekly news and current events show aired on HBO, host John Oliver discusses MLM. Oliver begins the segment with the familiar MLM [Continue reading…]

Thai MLM hip hop song draws protest, gets renamed

On September 30th Thai hip hop trio Natee “Oui” Eakwichit released an MLM diss track. Titled “Puan Hai Pror Kai Trong”, which translates to “Losing Friends Because Of Direct Sales”, the song’s sarcastic lyrics talk about a jobless man who was suggested by friends to work as a network marketer if he wanted to get rich quickly [Continue reading…]

Pearse Donnelly (MoBrabus) threatens BehindMLM with “negative SEO”

Today’s slice of life in the MLM underbelly is brought to you by Pearse Donnelly. Donnelly is the admin behind MoBrabus, an adpack Ponzi scheme launched early last year. When MoBrabus began to slow down a few months ago, Traffic Powerline was announced. Instead of adpacks, Traffic Powerline’s investments are attached to “traffic packs”. The flow of [Continue reading…]

FutureNet refuse to refund media points “internal currency”

If you bought a can of coke and consumed it, you wouldn’t be surprised if a request for a refund was flatly denied. In FutureNet things are a little bit different. Affiliates are spending thousands of dollars on what the company refers to as “media points”, only to be told the “internal currency” cannot be [Continue reading…]

Free Mart create bogus BehindMLM website to air dirty laundry

If an MLM company wants to issue a press-release, the legitimate thing to do is publish it in your website and social media accounts. If they want a bit more exposure, they can even publish the information on the countless press-release syndication websites that exist. What Free Mart have instead chosen to do is imitate [Continue reading…]

Canadian Federal Court grants injunction against streamboxes

The streambox MLM niche appears to have dissipated as quickly as it appeared. The first one I reviewed was vStream TV back in March, 2015. Over the rest of 2015 another five MLM streambox opportunities were launched and reviewed. So far in 2016? Only two. Most of the controversy around the various piracy box opportunities [Continue reading…]

6 more piracy streambox sellers arrested in the UK

Just shy of eight months ago, police in the UK raided sellers of stream-capable piracy boxes. Two arrests were made and over one thousand streamboxes seized. Working with police was the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT). Now working with the UK police’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit, another joint-operation has seen an additional six streambox sellers arrested.

Binary options MLM? Demand to see SEC registration.

Over the past year or so I’ve seen an increase in financial service related MLM opportunities. Typically these schemes are registered somewhere shady in Europe, however their primary source of investors is the US. Back in 2013 the SEC took action against Banc de Binary Ltd., a non-MLM binary options company. Although not MLM, Banc de Binary [Continue reading…]

UK police raid stream box sellers, 1000+ units seized

Last month Amazon removed the popular plugin Kodi from its app store. When combined with third-party plugins, Kodi is easily the platform of choice among stream box sellers. Now the crackdown continues, with news of UK police raiding sellers of stream-capable piracy boxes.