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Bitcoiin & Steven Seagal continue to flout securities cease and desist

It seems Bitcoiin and its “Worldwide Ambassador”, Steven Seagal, are determined to press on despite receiving a securities fraud cease and desist. While we already knew US promoters were continuing to promote Bitcoiin in secret, now we have confirmation the company itself has no plans to comply.

Monat Global claim 1000 order cancellations over the past two months

According to recent court filings, Monat Global are blaming critics for 1000 order cancellations over the past two months.

Genesis Mining banned from operating in South Carolina, ramifications?

Genesis Mining, a Hong Kong company, claim to be ‘the largest cloud bitcoin mining company‘. A marketing pitch on the Genesis Mining website claims the company has “over 1,000,000” investors. It’s super simple – Your mining rigs are already set up and running. As soon as you’ve set-up your account you can start to earn [Continue reading…]

Bitqyck to undermine US securities law with “international mining”

To hear Bitqyck affiliate Scott Brewster tell it, cryptocurrency mining is illegal in the US. [18:00] The North American structure, the government and the laws and everything, makes it difficult to impossible to pay miners for introducing mining to other people. What Brewster is referring to is the offering of an unregistered security, which is [Continue reading…]

Master Distributors sue Nerium International for over $100 million

Mark and Tammy Smith aren’t just top earners in Nerium International, they’re the top earners. As Master Distributors of the company, Mark and Tammy Smith were held up as posters of Nerium’s success. As of late 2014, Ted Nuyten’s BusinessForHome clocked the Smith’s at $9 million career earnings and around $2.4 million in commissions annually. That [Continue reading…]

Noble 8 Revolution affiliates stiffed out of Noble 7 refunds

After the Waszupp Global Ponzi collapsed, Global Directors Blaine Williams and Mark Campese hitched their wagons to the Noble 7 Crowdfunding. Officially Williams and Campese didn’t run Noble 7 but they were heavily involved in day to day management as Field Chairmen. Noble 7 Crowdfunding was a short-lived and collapsed within a month. But not [Continue reading…]

Avon closing Australia and New Zealand, 21,000+ reps abandoned

On February 15th Avon announced it would be closing operations in Australia and New Zealand by the end of 2018. From the sounds of it, Avon’s announcement came as a complete surprise to the company’s 21,400 Australian representatives. How many representatives Avon has in New Zealand is unclear.

Bitcoiin sign Steven Seagal as ICO Brand Ambassador?

When you’re just another pump and dump altcoin launch in a see of thousands, you can either work on actually adding to cryptocurrency or try to gimmick your way to legitimacy. Through the hiring of Steven Seagal as Brand Ambassador, take a guess which route BitCoiin have chosen.

BTC Global Team Ponzi collapses, admin in denial?

BTC Global Team launched in late 2017 and quickly rose to be one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in South Africa. As I write this Alexa have BTC Global Team pegged in the top 1000 visited sites in South Africa, with the country making up 87% of traffic to the BTC Global Team website. On [Continue reading…]

The most bizarre Ponzi marketing event you’ll ever see

Following the collapse of BitConnect, a common question on the mind of those who didn’t get sucked in is “how on Earth did this happen?” I’ve been wanting to cover BitConnect’s bizarre October event in the US for some time. I figure now is as good a time as any, and hopefully at the same [Continue reading…]