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Redwood Scientific Technologies under investigation for FTC Act violations

BehindMLM recently reviewed RengaLife on April 13th. While I didn’t personally come across any suspect marketing claims as part of my research, it has emerged RengaLife’s parent company, Redwood Scientific Technologies, is being investigated for suspected violations of the FTC Act.

CGI Limited soliciting gaming investment through US bank account?

Following publication of BehindMLM’s CGI Limited review on February 23rd, the company shut down its Coinsinos website. Prior to being shutdown, the Coinsinos website marketed a gaming MLM opportunity tied to, among other things, cryptocurrency cock fighting. Further research reveals that while the front-end of the Coinsinos website has been disabled, affiliate login services (“”) [Continue reading…]

4300% annual ROI touted through Ormeus Global ORME investment

Whereas the cryptocurrency market has more or less been in a slump since January, Ormeus Global’s ORME altcoin is currently pumping. This isn’t that unusual, as MLM altcoins can be insulated from natural market activity via new investment tied to new affiliate recruitment. What’s disturbing however is how affiliates are using ORME’s current value to [Continue reading…]

Will the UK ever regulate rampant Companies House registration fraud?

The level of MLM company registration fraud taking place in the UK is such that, whenever you see a Companies House certificate paraded about as proof of legitimacy, save yourself some time and just assume the company in question is a scam. I can’t recall the last time I came across a legitimate MLM company [Continue reading…]

Mintage Mining claim to be “pre-compliant” with SEC regulation

Mintage Mining is purportedly a partnership between David Childs (cited as owner of the company) and Darren Olayan, CEO of Nui. BehindMLM reviewed Mintage Mining last December. We came to the conclusion that, at best the cloud mining business model would constitute a securities offering. The lack of registration with the SEC at the time [Continue reading…]

Kannaway accused of “illegal pyramid sales” of cannabis oil in Belgium

We’re a bit late to this one, but earlier this month Kannaway was accused of illegally selling cannabis oil in Belgium. A March 19th report in Het Laatste Nieuws (HLN), Belgium’s top newspaper, accuses Kannaway affiliates of illegally selling cannabis oil. HLN goes on to call out predatory marketing practices that target “severely ill patients”, [Continue reading…]

Scott Warren’s Crypto World Evolution securities memo is deeply flawed

In my almost ten years of covering the industry, I’ve come to realize that if an MLM company tries to convince you they’re not selling securities – then they probably are. This of course isn’t a hard rule, but it’s generally applicable to the companies that pay lawyers to convince you otherwise. As far as [Continue reading…]

Scott Warren endorses Crypto World Evolution unregistered securities?

Scott Warren is a named partner in the Wellman & Warren law firm. Warren is widely recognized as an attorney that focuses on MLM related matters… which makes his alleged “endorsement” of Crypto World Evolution all the more puzzling.

Nerium seek to stop former Master Distributors from raiding for Jeunesse

One of the more disturbing allegations in Mark and Tammy Smith’s lawsuit against Nerium, was the calculated poaching of Prepaid Legal distributors. When Nerium founder Jeff Olson first approached the Smiths, they claim they were in the midst of a “successful career” with PrePaid Legal. Olson nonetheless eventually convinced the Smiths to jump ship to [Continue reading…]

Bitcoiin & Steven Seagal continue to flout securities cease and desist

It seems Bitcoiin and its “Worldwide Ambassador”, Steven Seagal, are determined to press on despite receiving a securities fraud cease and desist. While we already knew US promoters were continuing to promote Bitcoiin in secret, now we have confirmation the company itself has no plans to comply.