Collapsed MLM crypto scams Safir International, Success Factory and The Blockchain Era, have grouped together as Xera.

The reboot was announced on January 24th, and revealed at an in-person marketing event in Dubai.

Before we get into Xera, here’s a rundown of the three collapsed scams it’s made up of:

Safir International was a Ponzi scheme built around Zeniq Coin.

Last month My Neo Group, a Monaco outfit headed up by founder and CEO Mickael Mosse, announced it had acquired what was left of Safir.

My Neo Group rebooted Safir as Neo ZenTech. Apparently that only lasted a month a half before Mosse pulled the plug.

As of December 2023, SimilarWeb tracked ~557,000 monthly visits to Safir’s website. Outside the Dominican Republic however, Safir recruitment had collapsed.

Success Factory was a marketing spinoff of the DagCoin Ponzi scheme. Both schemes were owned and operated by former OneCoin Ponzi promoter Nils Grossberg.

Success Factory began to collapse in mid 2022. In October 2022, Grossberg was arrested by Estonian authorities.

It appears following his release, Grossberg fled to Dubai and went right back to Ponzi scamming.

Success Factory officially collapsed in August 2023. Today Success Factory’s defunct website domain redirects to something called “SF Suite”.

SF Suite appears to be a failed reboot of Success Factory.

As of December 2023, SimilarWeb tracked just ~85,000 monthly visits to SF Suite’s website. Most of that traffic originated from Russia (28%).

The Blockchain Era is the fourth reboot of the collapsed WeWe Global Ponzi scheme. LyoPay, LyoTrade and LyoWallet are associated shell companies.

The Blockchain Era and all associated shell companies are headed up by WeWe Global founder and CEO Luiz Goes.

As of December 2023, SimilarWeb tracked just ~57,000 monthly visits to The Blockchain Era’s website. 51% of that traffic originated from Italy.

Xera will launch on the domain “”, privately registered on January 8th, 2024.

A visit to Xera’s website today reveals a “coming soon” countdown timer:

The timer is scheduled to expire on or around February 4th.

On the executive side of things we have

  • Henk Diepbrink – Xera Managing Director, Dutch national and former Managing Director of Safir
  • Werner Kaiser – Xera Global Vice President, part of Safir’s “Elite Circle of Trust” and former Lyoness Ponzi promoter
  • Diego Endrizzi – Xera Head of Global Sales, top Italian promoter of WeWe Global and The Blockchain Era
  • Gorka Buces – Xera Chief Visionary Officer, former CVO of the collapsed Xifra and Decentra Ponzi schemes
  • Nils Grossberg – Xera Head of Global Partnerships, founder and CEO of collapsed DagCoin and Success Factory Ponzi schemes

There is no mention of Mickael Mosse and Luiz Goes. Whether they’re involved in Xera or whether they’ve cashed out is unclear.

As to Xera’s business model, it’s another AI trading bot Ponzi ruse they’re calling Quantwize:

There’s also some node/validator crypto baloney attached which isn’t worth getting into.

Xera investment starts at 110 EUR and tops out at 1.11 million EUR.

Xera’s top investment package will get you a CloudK NFT, the ability to invest an additional 2.2 million into Quantwize and additional returns via simulated mining (I say simulated because any mining is theatrical given Xera owns the network).

Xera is currently soliciting investment in EURX. There is already a dead cryptocurrency using this name, but I assume Xera’s EURX is a new shitcoin they’ve created.

CLFI is another token cited in Xera’s marketing. This appears to be a carryover from The Blockchain Era.

On the MLM side of things Xera pays direct commissions and residuals via a unilevel compensation structure.

There are also various bonuses to qualify for based on personal and downline investment volume.

As with Safir International, Success Factory and The Blockchain Era, investors will be able to cash out as long as new investors are suckered into losing money.

Presently it appears Safir, Success Factory, The Blockchain Era bagholders are being onboarded. On or after February 4th, Xera will open its Ponzi scheme to the public.