Konstantin Ignatov’s preliminary hearing went ahead as scheduled on May 28th.

In his capacity as “the top leader” of OneCoin, the DOJ charged Ignatov with conspiracy to commit wire fraud back in March.

As per the Minute Entry for the hearing, Ignatov has plead not guilty to the charge.

During the hearing Ignatov also waived prosecution by indictment, meaning prosecutors didn’t have to obtain an indictment via grand jury.

This is likely tied to the request for a continuance last month, however we don’t know exactly what went down between Ignatov’s attorney and the DOJ.

Had a deal been reached, Ignatov would have presumably waived prosecution by indictment in exchange for a guilty plea.

This would have been in his best interests, as an indictment might have resulted in more serious charges.

Ignatov’s not guilty plea suggests whatever negotiations might have been taking place are off the table for now.

Looking forward a Status Conference has been scheduled for June 6th. Ignatov will remain in detention until then. Stay tuned…