Further cementing DagCoin as a clone of the OneCoin Ponzi scheme, comes the introduction of Success Factory.

Success Factory was announced back in March at a Dubai DagCoin rahrah gig for top investors.

Here’s how the spin-off is marketed on the official Success Factory website:

We believe that the world has gone through a massive shift in the last 10-20 years. Computers, the internet, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies and other new technologies have changed almost every industry.

Every industry, except one – the school system.

We believe that every modern school should teach the newest technologies, new possibilities and show how we all can benefit from them. And this is exactly why we created Success Factory.

Yep, under the guise of offering “education” – this is pretty much what OneCoin did with OneLife.

We are dagcoin’s educational partner and because of that dagcoin will reward everybody, who passes the courses, with free dagcoins – the more you learn, the more you earn!

Like OneCoin, whatever education DagCoin is offering through Success Factory has been designed with one goal in mind:

To get you to invest in DagCoin.

You see, it’s much easier to lead with education nonsense then it is to just be upfront:

Yo, we have these points we want you to invest in.

Something something education, they’ll be worth a gajillion dollars someday.

What are you, some kind of uneducated dumbass?

Fine. Be that way – I’m riding Wahlroos’ lambo to the moon baby!

With Success Factory, DagCoin creates the illusion of distancing itself from financial fraud.

Think OneLife pretending to only “offer education” every time authorities busted OneCoin for fraud. Not to mention the money laundering benefits having a shell company provides.

As with getting affiliates to invest, “We hand out PDF files” is also a much easier sell for payment processors and banks over “We’re a Ponzi scheme”.

Despite launching over a year ago, DagCoin has thus far failed to gain any real traction – largely due to it failing to capitalize on OneCoin’s collapse.

DagCoin’s internal corporate structure meanwhile is still much of a mystery. The logical next step from the OneCoin playbook would be setting up dozens of shell companies to receive funds through – if DagCoin aren’t on top of that already.

As for DAG itself, like OneCoin it’s still nothing more than internally traded Ponzi points. All you can do is cash them out through an internal exchange, requests which DagCoin honors with subsequently invested funds.

Funny how MLM cryptocurrency companies always claim they’re at the forefront of bleeding edge technology, yet actual implementation happens at stone-age pacing.