Daily Digital Club provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the business.

Daily Digital Club’s website domain (“dailydigitalclub.com”) was first registered in 2008.

Listed as the owner is Peter Wolfing of Multiplex Systems Inc.

Daily Digital Club’s domain registration was last updated on January 27th, 2020, which is likely when Wolfing acquired it.

Peter Wolfing (right) first appeared on BehindMLM’s radar back in 2012, as the admin of Turbo Cycler ($200-$1000 matrix-based Ponzi scheme).

Other MLM underbelly schemes launched by Wolfing over the years include Turbo Cycler (cash gifting), Ultimate Cycler (Ponzi cycler), Business Toolbox (chain-recruitment), Infinity 100 (cash gifting), National Wealth Center (cash gifting) and Pay Me Forward (cash gifting).

Despite being launched in 2013 and long-since collapsed, in 2016 Ultimate Cycler Ultimate was revived by Nigerian scammers. Wolfing redesigned the Ultimate Cycler website to cater to Nigerian affiliates and rode the wave.

In 2017 Wolfing launched Ueconomy, a short-lived cash gifting scheme. In 2018 Wolfing launched Hand of Heaven, a shameless religious themed gifting scam.

We last came across Wolfing last October with Direct Mail Pro, a five-tier pyramid scheme.

Alexa traffic estimates for Direct Mail Pro’s website suggest the scheme collapsed mid December 2019.

Daily Digital Club appears to have been launched on or around March 2019.

In addition to running Daily Digital Club, Wolfing is currently also promoting QuiAri.

Read on for a full review of Daily Digital Club’s MLM opportunity.

Daily Digital Club’s Products

Daily Digital Club has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market Daily Digital Club affiliate membership itself.

Daily Digital Club affiliate membership provides access to an “e-learning library”.

Daily Digital Club’s Compensation Plan

Daily Digital club affiliates gift $25 and/or $100 to whoever recruits them.

In turn, they collect $25 and/or $100 gifting payments from those recruited after them.

Gifting payments within Daily Digital Club are coordinated via a unilevel compensation structure.

Within this unilevel compensation structure, Daily Digital Club track gifting payments via a reverse 1-up model.

This sees an affiliate receive a gifting payment from the first affiliate they recruit. The second recruited affiliate’s gifting payment is passed upline.

The third gifting payment is again kept and the fourth passed up. From the fifth recruit, all gifting payments are kept by the recruiting affiliate.

The unilevel team comes into play as personally recruited affiliates (level 1) recruit affiliates of their own.

These affiliates are placed on level 2 of your unilevel team. Their recruits are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth.

Each recruited affiliate must pass up gifting payments from their second and fourth recruits. Their recruits must do the same and so on and so forth.

Theoretically, it’s thus possible to receive gifting payments from deep within your unilevel team.

Be it $25 or $100, gifting payments within Daily Digital Club are monthly recurring.

Joining Daily Digital Club

Daily Digital Club affiliate membership is tied to a monthly $25 and/or $100 gifting payment.

Full participation in the attached income opportunity costs $125 a month.


Daily Digital Club is a great example of just how long Peter Wolfing has been running scams.

The company name itself appears to be repurposed from a scheme Wolfing launched back in 2011:

Daily Digital Club marks Peter Wolfing’s return to gifting schemes, following the collapse of his short-lived Direct Mail Pro pyramid scheme.

As with every single one of Wolfing’s scam launches, Daily Digital Club will collapse when recruitment slows down.

MLM gifting schemes primarily benefit those running them. In Daily Digital Club every participant is required to pass up two gifting payments.

Sitting at the top of the pass-up chain is Peter Wolfing who, through one or more preloaded admin accounts, will receive the largest share of funds gifted in.

A few early adopters will receive sizable shares based on recruitment activity. Mathematics guarantees that everyone else will lose out.

Direct Mail Pro had a shelf-life of a few months. Expect Daily Digital Club to follow a similar trajectory.