ultimate-cycler-logoUltimate Cycler launched in 2013 and on its website names Peter Wolfing as CEO.

In the footer of the Ultimate Cycler website a copyright claim by “Beyond Multiplex Systems” is present.

Peter Wolfing is the President and owner of Multiplex:


peter-wolfing-owner-of-multiplex-systemsPrior to Ultimate Cycler, Wolfing (right) launched Turbo Cycler and Infinity Downline.

Turbo Cycler saw affiliates buy positions in matrices that cost $200, $500 and $1000.

Once enough new positions had been bought to fill a matrix, the affiliate at the top of the matrix “cycled” out and was paid a commission.

Infinity Downline was $25 to participate and saw affiliates gift their joining fees to the affiliate who recruited them. Payment of this $25 then also qualified them to recruit new affiliates who in turn would gift them their $25 joining fee.

Read on for a full review of the Ultimate Cycler MLM business opportunity.

The Ultimate Cycler Product Line

Ultimate Cycler has no retailable products or services.

Affiliate membership to Ultimate Cycler is $25, with which is bundled an assortment of apps and internet marketing tools.

The Ultimate Cycler Compensation Plan

The Ultimate Cycler compensation plan sees affiliate’s pay $25 to buy into a 2×2 matrix.

A 2×2 matrix places an affiliate at the top of the matrix, with two positions directly under them (level 1):


In total, there are six positions in the matrix that need to be filled. When this happens, the affiliate position at the top of the matrix receives a commission.

Ultimate Cycler’s compensation plan contains four such matrices, with “commissions” earnt via cycling used to fund positions in new matrices as follows:

  • $25 matrix – cycling out pays $15 and entry into a new $25 and $50 matrix
  • $50 matrix – cycling out pays $40 and entry into a new $50 and $100 matrix
  • $100 matrix – cycling out pays $90 and entry into a  new $100 and $200 matrix
  • $200 matrix – cycling out pays $190 and entry into a new $200 and $400 matrix
  • $400 matrix – cycling out pays $590 and entry into a new $400 and $1000 matrix
  • $1000 matrix – cycling out pays $2400 and entry into a new $1000 matrix

Note that, with the exception of the $1000 matrix, a “next level matrix” position is only granted the first time a position cycles out of a level.

This is compensated for with an increase in the cycle amounts paid when these positions subsequently cycle:

  • $25 matrix – $75
  • $50 matrix – $150
  • $100 matrix – $300
  • $200 matrix – $600
  • $400 matrix – $1200
  • $1000 matrix – $2400

These positions remain at the matrix level they were generated at, and are able to continue to cycle out of matrices as long as the matrix they are at the top of is filled.

Joining Ultimate Cycler

Affiliate membership to Ultimate Cycler is $25, which provides an affiliate one $25 matrix position.


Continuing the tradition of Peter Wolfing’s previous recruitment-driven scams comes Ultimate Cycler.

Affiliates buy in for $25 and are then compensated for recruiting new affiliates into the scheme.

Matrices are filled via the recruitment efforts of an affiliate and those they recruit, with recruitment slowing down (no new $25 payments entering the system), effectively gutting it.

Ultimate Cycler offers more matrix levels than Wolfing’s previous matrix venture Turbo Cycler, but the underlying premise is the same.

Bundle a bunch of crap with a matrix position and pretend this isn’t just a pyramid scheme.

From the Ultimate Cycler FAQ:

Yes. The Ultimate Cycler is absolutely legal. We adhere to all state requirements and laws for home based businesses.

Where Wolfing pulled that garbage from I have no idea, but with no retailable products or services being sold and all commissions paid out based on the recruitment of new affiliates, Ultimate Cycler will most certainly fail any regulatory test thrown at it.

Turbo Cycler appears to have died a rather slow death before Wolfing introduced Ultimate Cycler. I imagine those who join later and find it difficult to recruit will be in for a similar ride.