Following Antares Trade’s collapse last week, owner Aleksey Zhirovkin (aka Alexei Mikhailovich Zhukovkin), has announced a reboot.

The Antares Trade Ponzi scheme will continue as Alcor Trade.

Zhirovkin made the Alcor Trade announcement earlier today in a YouTube video.

Playing fictional CEO Alex Richter, Zhirovkin feigned surprise at investor anger over Antares Trade losses.

[1:05] I was even a little shocked when I read the comments, because I have never seen so much negativity in my life.

People cursed me and the Antares platform in all languages.

Rather than just admit Antares Trade was a Ponzi scheme that ran out of funds, Zhirovkin is sticking to his regulatory raid story.

This exit-scam ruse was trotted out last Friday. Zhirovkin has told Antares Trade affiliate investors regulators will need up to 60 days to conduct verification of the company.

BehindMLM maintains Zhirovkin is lying, as that’s not how regulators operate. Tellingly, Zhirovkin has also failed to disclose which regulator has purportedly raided Antares Trade’s office – or even where Antares Trade’s office is.

Also undermining Zhirovkin’s claim is his announcement of Alcor Trade.

[4:35] Due to the sudden onset of events we decided to create a new platform, Alcor Trade, which is completely similar in functionality to the Antares platform, but has a more stable, legal model.

A visit to Alcor Trade’s website reveals the same pie in the sky returns offered to Antares Trade investors.

Alcor Trade is also not registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction, making it as illegal as Antares Trade was.

To create Alcor Trade, Zhirovkin privately registered “” on July 29th. Alcor Trade’s website is the same template used for Antares Trade, Zhirovkin just used a different color scheme and logos.

The Ponzi scheme is the same with one exception: Alcor Trade uses ALD Ponzi points. Antares Trade’s AND Ponzi points have been abandoned.

[5:48] I know that most of you want to know the answer to the question, “What will happen to the money I invested in the Antares platform?”

Here is the answer: For the audit duration, sixty calendar days, all funds will be frozen. They cannot be withdrawn or transferred to another person.

Given there is no audit and as of yet no actual regulatory intervention, Antares Trade victims should assume their funds stolen.

This is the reality behind every MLM Ponzi scheme.

On the backend, like Alcor Trade’s website, Zhirovkin would have created ALD by running the same script he used to create AND.

As I understand it the MLM side of Antares Trade was ported to Alcor Trade untouched.

Zhirovkin represents Alcor Trade generates external revenue through “partner companies”.

Legally required audited financial reports confirming the existence of these companies has never been provided.

Zhirovkin, a Russian national who speaks Spanish, is believed to be hiding out in the Dominican Republic.


Update 19th August 2021 – BehindMLM can now confirm Aleksey Zhirovkin is hiding out in the Dominican Republic.


Update 15th February 2022 – Aleksey Zhirovkin has announced he’s rebooting Antares Trade.