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Details of the Youngevity v. Wakaya Perfection settlement

Last November we covered the settlement reached between Youngevity and Wakaya Perfection. At the time details of the settlement were not available. A transcript of proceedings held on November 10th was made public on January 15th. Inside the transcript details of the agreement reached between the parties are revealed.

Youngevity prevails on outstanding defamation claims

Following on from a settlement reached last November, motions for summary judgment pertaining to outstanding claims have now been ruled on. In summary, Youngevity’s Motion for Summary Judgment was granted. Wakaya Perfection’s Motion for Summary Judgment was denied.

Youngevity’s Wakaya Perfection lawsuit settled

Youngevity’s long-running dispute against Wakaya Perfection and several individual defendants, has come to an end. On November 10th a settlement conference was held, revealing agreements had been reached by all parties involved.

Youngevity v. Wakaya Perfection trial scheduled for Mar 2021

The drawn out legal battle between Youngevity and Wakaya Perfection has finally received a tentative trial date. March 22nd, 2021 is the date set, following a pretrial conference held on October 5th.

Youngevity sues Bulavita for trademark infringement & more

Youngevity has filed suit against Bulavita for trademark infringement, cybersquatting and unfair competition.

Bulavita claims M20 Boost inhibits growth of cancer cells

Bulavita is marketing their M20 Boost supplement as a way to “inhibit the growth of human cancer cells”. Ruh-roh…

Wakaya Perfection securities fraud suit settled in arbitration

Back in January 2019 the Wakaya Perfection securities fraud lawsuit was sent to arbitration. In an April 10th filing on the case docket, the parties involved have advised the court a settlement was reached on February 27th, 2020.

Youngevity vs. Wakaya trial scheduled for May 2020

Youngevity’s dispute with Wakaya Perfection dates back to 2016. As I write this there are currently 679 filings in the long-running case, most of which are administrative. As such I’ve been keeping updates on the case to a minimum, preferring to wait for substantial developments. As per an order made on December 26th, the case [Continue reading…]

Wakaya Perfection rebooting as Bulavita?

I’ve received intel that Wakaya Perfection is intending to reboot itself as Bulavita. Specific details at this point are sketchy, but I was able to confirm the name-change via an official source.

Wakaya Perfection sues insurer, counterclaim filed

Wakaya Perfection has sued their insurer, Liberty Mutual, for failing to uphold an insurance contract. In answering Wakaya Perfection’s lawsuit, Liberty Mutual has turned around and filed a counterclaim.