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Youngevity preliminary injunction against Wakaya Perfection denied

As part of their lawsuit against Wakaya Perfection, in May Youngevity filed for a preliminary injunction against Total Nutrition Team, Inc., Todd Smith, and Blake Graham. If granted, Youngevity’s preliminary injunction would compel ‘Todd Smith, Blake Graham, TNT and their agents to cease further use of 1-800-Wallach and delete wallachonline.com and Yteamtools.com.‘ In a decision filed [Continue reading…]

Youngevity file for injunction, Wakaya file own lawsuit

The spat between Youngevity and Wakaya Perfection continues. Since our initial article covering Youngevity’s lawsuit, Wakaya has sought to strike various counts in Youngevity’s complaint. Youngevity has hit back by filing for a permanent injunction. Separately, we learned that Wakaya Perfection has filed its own lawsuit against Youngevity. They actually got in first, filing six days before [Continue reading…]

How Wakaya Perfection and Todd Smith gutted Youngevity

When a top affiliate of an MLM company departs after nineteen years, you expect some fallout. What you don’t expect though is systematical sabotage from within, an orchestrated campaign to run a company into the ground if you will – all in the name of launching a new venture. So alleges a March 23rd lawsuit, [Continue reading…]

Wakaya Perfection Review: Organic Fiji & recruitment

Wakaya is ‘a 2,200-acre island in the Fiji archipelago’. It was purchased by David Gilmour (of Fiji Water fame) in 1973. So the story goes, David realized that keeping Wakaya pure in perpetuity would require a self sustaining economy that could support the local Fijian residents and curtail any pressure to “urbanize” the island. Wakaya [Continue reading…]