Back in January 2019 the Wakaya Perfection securities fraud lawsuit was sent to arbitration.

In an April 10th filing on the case docket, the parties involved have advised the court a settlement was reached on February 27th, 2020.

Plaintiffs Essence Skin Clinic and owner Jennifer Sanneman (right), filed suit against Wakaya Perfection in December 2018.

In the lawsuit Wakaya Perfection and several individual defendants were accused of misappropriating $250,000 through securities fraud.

Sanneman was seeking recovery of her $250,000 initial investment plus damages.

Details of the arbitration settlement between the involved parties has not been made public.

Despite Sanneman’s lawsuit alleging what appears to be a credible account of Wakaya Perfection offering unregistered securities, to date the SEC has not taken any public action against the company.

Last December it was announced Wakaya Perfection would be rebooting at Bulavita.

Corporate records for Bulavita Inc., a Texas corporation, reveal Terry LaCore of LaCore Enterprises owns the new company.

What LaCore didn’t purchase appears to have been rebranded the “Wakaya Group”. Through a separate website, Wakaya Group sells Wakaya Perfection branded products direct to the public.

At the time of publication Wakaya Perfection’s previously accessible MLM opportunity website was non-responsive.