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USI-Tech confirm BTC Package 2.0 Ponzi scheme

Despite it being pretty obvious USI-Tech has operated as a Ponzi scheme since BTC Packages were released last year, the company maintains it isn’t. Amid an ongoing ROI revenue crisis that has seen daily ROI rates plummet, someone at USI-Tech has inadvertently confirmed it’s a scam.

USI-Tech’s BTC Package 2.0 “100% transparency” is a sham

When the Texas Securities Board issued USI-Tech with a cease and desist last year, one of the primary concerns was lack of disclosure. At the time USI-Tech were claiming to generate ROI revenue through bitcoin mining.

USI-Tech shirk Ponzi ROI liability after bogus audit

When Texas issued USI-Tech with a cease and desist and provide evidence of external ROI revenue, rather than do so the company hastily terminated operations in the US. The problem with this decision however was that the US was by far USI-Tech’s largest source of investors, which also meant they were owed the most amount [Continue reading…]

USI-Tech blame withdrawal problems on payment processors

Along with “someone died”, suddenly getting struck down by a mysterious illness, hackers and DDOS attacks, “we’re too big for business” is as clichéd of a delayed payment excuse as they come. Not surprisingly, following months of promises this is what USI-Tech support are now telling investors.

USI-Tech securities cease trade order issued in Ontario

Whereas USI-Tech regulatory warnings by other Canadian provinces have been mostly passive (alerts, warnings etc.), Ontario has upped the stakes by issuing a temporary cease trade order against the company and two affiliates.

USI-Tech impose iron curtain of secrecy, invested funds held hostage

With the lies about their working with US regulators exposed, USI-Tech management have switched focus to announcing their next moves on a “need to know” basis”. That is to say unless you’re a gullible dumbass who still believes USI-Tech hasn’t collapsed, management don’t want you knowing what they’re up to.

Texas takes credit for USI-Tech US and Canada shutdown

The gulf between USI-Tech management’s narrative and what actually happened continues to widen, following a January 31st news-release issued by the Texas Securities Board.

“Do not invest in USI-Tech” warns Saskatchewan securities regulator

Despite assurances to the contrary, USI-Tech continues to run foul of securities regulation in Canada. The latest is a cease and desist issued by the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan (FCAA).

USI-Tech & Hart David Carson continue Texas cease & desist deception

While it’s common for the rhetoric coming out of the MLM underbelly to be at odds with reality, the lenghts USI-Tech and the law firm Hart David Carson are going to misrepresent US authorities stance on securities is mind-boggling. A few days ago USI-Tech co-founder Horst Jicha announced the company’s intention to defy regulators and [Continue reading…]

USI-Tech fails to respond to Texas cease & desist, vows to reopen US

In the wake of US regulators cracking down on USI-Tech, the company has scrambled to contain fallout from disgruntled investors. A big part of that has been silence on the part of USI-Tech management, who all but went into hiding after Texas issued a cease and desist last month. Following the suspension of US and [Continue reading…]