Along with “someone died”, suddenly getting struck down by a mysterious illness, hackers and DDOS attacks, “we’re too big for business” is as clichéd of a delayed payment excuse as they come.

Not surprisingly, following months of promises this is what USI-Tech support are now telling investors.

The regulatory crackdown on USI-Tech across the US and Canada, along with negative press and problems booking hotels in the UK, has no doubt hurt the company’s banking channels.

Rather than acknowledge the need to wade deeper into the seedier side of the financial industry (typically processors with extremely high fees operating in shady jurisdictions), USI-Tech support claim the company simply outgrew its “wallet provider”.

With the rapid growth of USI-TECH, the daily number of deposits and withdrawals has also increased dramatically.

Recently, due to the gigantic number of transactions, it was no longer possible to process payments via a regular wallet provider.

Given our volume, we have reached their limits everywhere.

With investors in the US and Canada desperate to recover their losses (the two countries still make up the majority of visits to the USI-Tech website), no doubt USI-Tech has seen an exponential increase in withdrawal requests.

But deposits? Please.

USI-Tech as an MLM company is pretty much over, with only the most gullible of investors falling for its TechCoin shenanigans.

In order to fob off ROI withdrawals a little longer, USI-Tech are claiming to have developed their own wallet solution.

As a result, as a precautionary measure, we began to develop our own wallet solution for our  payment management in November 2017 in order to facilitate processing ourselves.

This system was recently put into operation, and all deposits and withdrawals are now  processed using our solution.

The security of the system is our utmost priority, which in turn requires significant time  expenditure by multiple employees.

Consequently, the new operating process and the associated in-house time expenditure has resulted in a current backlog of payouts.

What this likely means is USI-Tech has simply opened up new merchant accounts with shell companies that, on the surface, appear to have nothing to do with USI-Tech.

Can’t trigger money laundering filters with massive amounts of withdrawal requests though, so the number of requests actually passed onto their payment processors is limited.

Not withstanding USI-Tech obviously doesn’t have enough to honor each and every ROI withdrawal request. Ponzi math by definition doesn’t add up, even in bitcoin.

In claiming to be “too big” for existing financial systems, USI-Tech finds itself in good company with the Zeek Rewards, Achieve Community, TelexFree and OneCoin Ponzi schemes.

There was also USI-Tech marketing doing the rounds two weeks ago about “full transparency” regarding bitcoin mining.

Information was supposed to be out last Monday but was delayed till later in the week.

We’re at the end of the week now and, to the best of my knowledge, USI-Tech hasn’t been any more transparent about bitcoin mining then when Ralph Gold first promised full transparency back in June, 2017.

Guess finding someone else’s mining facility to film in is taking a bit longer this time.